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US dollar fall again?

The clock ticks. Already on Tuesday of the next week the USA and with it the biggest national economy of the world, could be insolvent because themselves both big parties block mutually. Nevertheless, according to the images ripe for theatre of the last weeks is to be assumed from the fact that the poker

Euro wins back lost trust

The euro has also profited on Thursday from the development around the national debt crisis in Greece and has won back lost trust. Compared with the pound of sterling there rose the communal currency on a month high 15, but also compared with the Swiss franc he increased more clearly. To the dollar the euro

EUR/USD: What happens if Greece says “no”?

On Wednesday the parliament will vote in Athens about the savings package. An approval is very likely, but is not sure. A “no” would shake absolutely the markets, if the insolvency of Greece caused not necessarily, however.

“Disappointing” summit

The course of the euro has easily slipped off on Monday after the meeting expected with tension of the euro-Ministers of Finance to the Greece crisis. In early trade the communal currency stood with 1.4236 US dollars. A dollar cost with it 0.7023 euros. The European central bank (EZB) had the authoritative course on Friday … Continue reading

Swiss franc: The summit striker

If it is in the financial community about safe harbours, think most of gold. However, also the Swiss franc takes pleasure currently of a strong interest. The Swiss is valid generally not exactly as a model in liveliness and dynamics. Rather these are a rest and calmness which are associated with the confederates. Nevertheless, virtually … Continue reading

Are call money offers of foreign banks serious?

For some years more foreign banks press increasingly for the German market and lure with especially attractive call money conditions. Indeed, most consumers are very sceptical and put to themselves the question whether corresponding call money attachments with a risk are linked. At first once all-clear can be on: To be able to enter into

The euro is dead!

The crisis goes to the next phase. Do you remember the “currency war”? Thus my contribution was called from the 11th of October, 2010. At that time the fear of an other devaluation of the US dollar circulated in the media. Still few weeks before the decay of the euro was feared – in the … Continue reading

Euro: After the crisis is before the crisis

The problems of the eurozone flare up again. Financial difficulty of Ireland and his escape under the European rescue screen releases with market participants by no means reassurance. The euro suffers again from the public finances of the eurozone. This time Ireland brings the communal currency in the skidding and children’s slides. The load by … Continue reading

Paradigm change in the currency market

It appears in outlines a change in thinking in the markets. Above all the expansion of the Quantitative Easing programme of the US central bank let the risk readiness during the last weeks rise on and on. A rally on the stock exchanges and high inflows of capital in the threshold countries were the result. … Continue reading

Euro before Portuguese auction less than 1.38 dollars

The euro is consistently weak on the Wednesday morning at the beginning of the European stamped business. Traders speak of a waiting business before the auction informed in the morning of Portuguese state loans. Already on Tuesday in late trade the communal currency had liked under the brand of 1.38 USD. “The problems in the … Continue reading

Increase in interest rates of China brings euro and gold under pressure

A leading increase in interest rates of the Chinese central bank has brought the euro on Tuesday under strong tribute pressure to the dollar. Besides, in the day low-pressure area he fell up to 1.3791 USD, also by the end of the European stamped foreign currency business the communal currency took down only scarcely about … Continue reading

Euro settles down more than 1.39 dollars

The euro has settled down at weekly beginning after a mountain journey and driving downhill about the brand of 1.39 US dollars. On late Monday afternoon the communal currency cost 1.3950 dollars, after it had slipped off about midday on 1.3832 dollars. The European central bank (EZB) had the authoritative course early in the afternoon … Continue reading

Euro falls under the 1,39-dollar brand / Day comment to EUR/USD

The rate of the euro has fallen on Monday in early trade under the brand of 1.39 US dollars. The European communal currency was traded with 1.3879 dollars. A dollar was worth 0.7204 euros. The European central bank (EZB) had the authoritative course on Friday on

The rally of the second-line stocks goes for far second-line stocks are asked currently

The German second-line stocks take down in the topical impetus phase DAX clearly: MDAX and SDAX show with a course plus of 20 percent and more since beginning of the year an impressive performance. The default index DAX remains clear with an increase of six percent

Euro rises on the highest state since January 2010

The course of the euro has clearly risen on Thursday and has crossed at times the brand of 1.41 US dollars. The European communal currency was traded in the late afternoon with 1.4077 dollars. In the peak the euro with 1.4121 dollars of highest state reached since January. The European central bank (EZB) had the … Continue reading