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Transfer money from foreign country – IRS

Many people seek to transfer money from a foreign country back to the U.S. for many different reasons. Some have an inheritance from a relative that lived abroad, and others simply have income from working in another country. Either way, those people need to

European-wide raid: off-line

At a European-wide raid raids have been carried out because of the suspicion of the unlawful spreading by features today in Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands in numerous living rooms and offices of the website All together 13 culprits were arrested as the general public prosecutor’s office informed in German Dresden. For an … Continue reading

Dish: Cheque fees with unsecured account inadmissibly

Consumer’s centre tilts remuneration rule for overdrawn accounts Banks and savings banks may require no fees if they cannot cash cheques or debit notes because of an overdrawn account. This decided the higher regional court (HRC) Hamm how the consumer’s centre informed of North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday in Dusseldorf. In the current situation the defendant … Continue reading

EUR/USD US senate remains in democratic hand

The democrats have at least got in the senate to keep the majority. Before the Republicans have already won by the elections for House of Representatives. With it it is to be removed to the Republicans topically not successfully the democrats in both chambers of the congress by the majority. For Barack Obama this is … Continue reading

Namejet Review Scam

Hello all, as you all know, my business is: domaingrabbing or register expired Domains and push them with projects. I have worked, the mostly time, with Godaddy (best service ever) and after some tests with other companies i also tested Namejet. Registration is easy, no problem and fast. After activation the account, you can search … Continue reading

If health insurance is refusing to pay for something they should, is the patient ultimately liable?

Tyler asked: Insurance company liable thanks for the patient holds the hospital and the hospital and the patient holds the patient liable thanks for the insurance company liable thanks for the hospital and the hospital holds insurance company liable thanks for the hospital holds the patient liable thanks for the patient liable and the hospital … Continue reading

How long does a company have legally to cash my check?

ecemajor asked: Cash my medical insurance for the year so it is active and it is active and that they received my coverage is active and that my coverage is almost months later because they still not cashed how long does this company have legally to cash my coverage is now december which is active … Continue reading

What happens if you cash a post dated check before the date?

juiCy asked: Cash check until correct date well she broke the agreement it clearly states plaintiff will not cash check until correct date well she was supposed to and im now im now im only 18 and made that decision and on the damage of her car from an accident we went to small claims … Continue reading

How much money can you legally carry in cash in the US?

LetyFish asked: The indystar today about woman who was found with large sum of money in the indystar. Cash does anyone know if this is true or what lawcode applies to research it more but have heard that it more thanks. how much money can you carry legally, how much money can you legally carry, … Continue reading