Namejet Review Scam

Hello all,

as you all know, my business is: domaingrabbing or register expired Domains and push them with projects.

I have worked, the mostly time, with Godaddy (best service ever) and after some tests with other companies i also tested Namejet.

Registration is easy, no problem and fast. After activation the account, you can search for your domains (only namesearch, nothing more)
but in my case, no problem – i have my own spider.
Namejet only allow Creditcard or Wire – also no problem, i give them
my Creditcardinformations.

Then i saw: You must be a verified bidder to place bids over $2,500 – thats ok to secure the company, but in the
first step not important for me, i only test low domains from NameJet.

I found some (2) cheap domains, bid on them and win them (both together 230 USD).

Ok, not a big deal (not for me, not for namejet) BUT, i get a mail with:

Please be advised we were unable to validate your account information for your account (Login ID: XXXXXX). As a result, we have temporarily disabled your account, issued credit on the following domain and will place the domain into a public auction.

??? Whats the problem…ok, send a Supportticket the answer:

….04/07/2010 10:11 AM
1. We’ll need a color copy of the front and back of the credit card in your account. You can “black out” the middle 8 numbers, be sure the first and last four are clearly visible.
2. The first page of your paper credit card statement showing the matching name/address on your account. You can “black out” and transactions, and the middle 8 numbers, be sure the first and last four are clearly visible along with your name and mailing address.
3. A copy of account holder’s color photo identification that matches the name on the credit card – such as a passport or other government issued document with a picture.
4. Download, complete and sign a copy of the Verified Bidder request form found on the website:
This form authorizes NameJet to charge your credit card for domains purchased in your account.
By going through the above steps, we will upgrade your account to Verified Bidder status which removes all restrictions.

Joke or? On the side is written 2,500 USD you have to verify and know they make it with stupid 230 USD?

In all onlineshops you can buy with Creditcard 500 USD without any problem, but NameJet don’t allow without a verified Membership (He, no problem, but than write it in your ToS)

But thats not all…the funny part is:
I see today 04/08/2010 07:25 AM the follow booking on my Visa:

  • NAMEJET 425-974-4687425-974-4687 72,60 S 97,00 S EUR USD
  • NAMEJET 425-974-4687425-974-4687 99,54 S 133,00 S EUR USD

They disable my account, but booked the 2 Domains from my Creditcard???

This is fraud / scam / cheating.

My question about this, via supportticket:

I think your company has a little problem or?
You send me the info, that you disable my account because i don’t have send you for this low 220 USD “documents” and know i see in my Creditcard balance, that you have booked the full 230USD from my creditcard yesterday???
Whats going on?
Is now my account disable or not?

The answer:
Response (James S.) 04/08/2010 09:25 AM
We have closed your account as you requested and removed you from our mailing list.
James S.

Ticket Reference #100407-000096

So if i didn’t get this domains within the next 2 days i will inform my lawer…what a untrustworthy / dubious company, they disable my account because they “can’t book from my creditcard” booked the amount and disable my account…lol
UPDATE 05/20

44 days over and….. no money refund? Correct.

After contact the support, i only get the info: don’t make a new supportticket in this
case, reopen the old oneĀ  (not possible).

So Namejet have my money since 44 days, didn’t refund and i get a new Creditcard, so i think i speak
with my bank and tell them, that it was a unauthorization booking, i have 1 day left and they
have to pay the payback costs.

What a unprofesionel, unfriendly and “CENSUR” company.

You need a reliable partner?

Try this, i promise you didn’t get scams like….

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  1. hugh williams

    i have used them only once and i had problems trying to pay for the domains bit of a nightmare