Euro settles down more than 1.39 dollars

The euro has settled down at weekly beginning after a mountain journey and driving downhill about the brand of 1.39 US dollars.

On late Monday afternoon the communal currency cost 1.3950 dollars, after it had slipped off about midday on 1.3832 dollars. The European central bank (EZB) had the authoritative course early in the afternoon on 1.3896 (Friday: 1.4089) dollar settled. The dollar cost with it 0.7196 (0,7098) euros.

Packing the euro up to the midday was, in principle, a continuation of the development of the weekly conclusion. On Friday the euro had increased at first strongly on more than 1.41 dollars, then had clearly slipped off, however, because of profit takings again. In afternoon trade some market participants have used the more favorable course level for euro-purchases.

New economic data from the USA delivered no determining impulses at weekly beginning. All dominating subject in the market is currently the monetary policy in the USA. In all probability the American central bank FED will loosen her already highly expansionary monetary policy soon again. Suitable tips had already come on Friday of FED boss Ben Bernanke. The lax monetary policy in the USA is one of the principal reasons for the dollar weak since weeks.

To other important currencies had fixed the EZB the authoritative courses for a euro (dollar rate) to 0.87470 (0,87750) British pounds (EUR / GBP), 113.00 (114,28) Japanese yens (EUR / JPY) and 1.3359 (1,3423) Swiss francs (EUR / CHF). The price of a fine ounce (31.1 grammes) gold was sold short in London in the afternoon with 1,367.25 (1.367,50) dollars. 1 kilo of gold cost 31,190.00 (31.150,00) euros.

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