Swiss franc: The summit striker

If it is in the financial community about safe harbours, think most of gold. However, also the Swiss franc takes pleasure currently of a strong interest.
The Swiss is valid generally not exactly as a model in liveliness and dynamics. Rather these are a rest and calmness which are associated with the confederates. Nevertheless, virtually unrestrained the currency of the country behaves at the moment. Since weeks the Swiss franc captures in comparison to the euro in value and seems to know, besides, no stop.
This week he reached his all-time-high compared with the European common currency. On Friday there were for a euro only 1.22 Swiss francs – so little as never before. Since the scenario, Greece cannot escape a debt rescheduling, is discussed more and more intensely, the euro stands severely under print. He lost compared with all essential foreign currency, particularly strongly, nevertheless, compared with the franc.The investors flee in crowds in as an especially surely valid Swiss currency. The boss of the famous Swiss research institute for economic situation questions had presumed during a television interview, the Swiss national bank can already raise in June the base rate. In spite of the economic growth strong in the meantime there lies the interest rate still close zero percent. Analysts keep this pace that’s why for possible.

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