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Euro wins back lost trust

The euro has also profited on Thursday from the development around the national debt crisis in Greece and has won back lost trust. Compared with the pound of sterling there rose the communal currency on a month high 15, but also compared with the Swiss franc he increased more clearly. To the dollar the euro

How much cash can you legally possess?

Many people fear that they cannot carry a lot of cash with them and think that it is legally not correct to carry a lot of cash or cash equivalent items. Yes, indeed. It is totally unsafe and not an intelligent decision to carry a lot of cash (of any currency) when we are travelling … Continue reading

EUR/USD: What happens if Greece says “no”?

On Wednesday the parliament will vote in Athens about the savings package. An approval is very likely, but is not sure. A “no” would shake absolutely the markets, if the insolvency of Greece caused not necessarily, however.

How much can you pay someone without paying taxes?

Paying tax is an important part of all money transaction. We would have heard many people saying that one paid someone under the table, which means that it is an illegal way of making payment, without providing the information to the tax authorities. Apart from this illegal, there are also several legal ways of making the payments and yet … Continue reading

Getting a bank loan

When do we approach a bank or other financial institutions for a loan? When we are faced with a financial crisis and when we need money for higher education, or for an unexpected surgery, or for paying the unexpected credit card bills, or when we plan to buy a new home or a car, we … Continue reading

School promissory note

When loans are obtained, one signs an agreement, which states the details on the amount to be paid, the deadline for payment and the mode of payment. It is thus a promise delivered by one, in order to make the payment within the stipulated time. Thus it is called the ‘Promissory note’. The promissory note … Continue reading

“Disappointing” summit

The course of the euro has easily slipped off on Monday after the meeting expected with tension of the euro-Ministers of Finance to the Greece crisis. In early trade the communal currency stood with 1.4236 US dollars. A dollar cost with it 0.7023 euros. The European central bank (EZB) had the authoritative course on Friday … Continue reading

21-year-old Miss California to the Miss USA chosen

Los Angeles – The 21-year-old Californian Alyssa Campanella has been chosen to the Miss USA and represents the United States with it with a choice of the Miss Universum in September in Brazil. The Miss Kalifornien coming from Los Angeles asserted herself in Las Vegas against 50 competitors. Their red gleaming hair brought to bear … Continue reading

Swiss franc: The summit striker

If it is in the financial community about safe harbours, think most of gold. However, also the Swiss franc takes pleasure currently of a strong interest. The Swiss is valid generally not exactly as a model in liveliness and dynamics. Rather these are a rest and calmness which are associated with the confederates. Nevertheless, virtually … Continue reading

Mid caps remain interesting

While global stocks increased from January, 2001 to March, 2011 more than 40 percent, have doubled Small and Mid Caps in the same period in the value more than.A principal reason for the better performances are the cyclic impetus motions which are reflected in higher business profits. this week has more exactly looked four … Continue reading

How you raise your cash flow

Before we search for new sources of income, we should realise about for which we receive generally money. We receive money in the exchange for the value we to others deliver. This value can be made available in the form of products or services. The value created by us must be big enough, so that … Continue reading

Rescue for Greece except view – euro falls for a short time less than 1.43 US dollars

The euro is on Wednesday in early trade…… for a short time under the brand of 1.4300 USD like. The communal currency was loaded by the wrangling around other financial assistances for Greece. Yesterday a crisis summit of the European Ministers of Finance failed because of the question whether there should be a participation of … Continue reading

Rate credit

Rate credits often serve, to fulfil an one or other wish whose realisation one could not permit himself without such credit. Before one can take out, however, a rate loan, the requested credit institute will check in general the credit standing of the petitioner. If nothing speaks against the guarantee of a credit, the desired … Continue reading

At which time are call money attachments recommendable?

Call money attachments are paid interest variably: If the market interest falls, the credit institutes also adapt her call money interest with the time. This fact refreshes some investors before corresponding investments – finally,