Monthly Archives: May 2011

“In the doubt for the defendant”: Kachelmann acquitted

Jörg Kachelmann is free. The judges did not look as proved that the 52-year-old has threatened a lover with a knife and has violated The TV moderator Jörg Kachelmann has been acquitted for lack of proofs of the reproach of the rape. The message television station N tv reported this on Tuesday after the judgment … Continue reading

Greece considers construction of a Bad Bank

The government in Athens considers according to a newspaper report within the scope of the privatisation plans the construction of a Bad Bank to make state-controlled monetary houses more attractively for buyers. The country high in debt wants to release the financial institutions from the load of the Greek government bondses, reported the newspaper “To … Continue reading

The USA: Minister of Finance wants to stop cash flow immediately

According to the rules valid currently the debt ceiling is reached on the 16th of May. The Ministry of Finance wants to take from this week “unusual measures”. The US Ministry of Finance arms itself for the achievement of the debt ceiling applying currently of the country on the 16th of May. Because a timely … Continue reading

Dish: Cheque fees with unsecured account inadmissibly

Consumer’s centre tilts remuneration rule for overdrawn accounts Banks and savings banks may require no fees if they cannot cash cheques or debit notes because of an overdrawn account. This decided the higher regional court (HRC) Hamm how the consumer’s centre informed of North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday in Dusseldorf. In the current situation the defendant … Continue reading