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Student loan

Everyone believes in the importance of proper education. The hard part is obtaining the education itself. This is mainly due to high tuition fees and the myriad of expenses that a student undertakes like books, board and lodging and the daily expenses of being a student. The good news though is that there are a … Continue reading

How long does a student loan take to get it?

A student loan is fast and efficient educational assistance offered to students in colleges and universities. There are numerous public and private funding institutions that offer and accommodate student loan applications for all purposes. Some student loans are funded by the

School promissory note

When loans are obtained, one signs an agreement, which states the details on the amount to be paid, the deadline for payment and the mode of payment. It is thus a promise delivered by one, in order to make the payment within the stipulated time. Thus it is called the ‘Promissory note’. The promissory note … Continue reading

Need a student loan that is directly dispersed any suggestions on where I can apply?

Shaebee27 asked: Loan through my june rent and the following months any ideas on where to me for my rich uncle but it is shut. My rich uncle but it is shut down now need somewhere to apply. The following months any ideas on where to get loan that will directly disperse to me for … Continue reading

How does a student loan affect your credit?

FuzzyLizard asked: The 50k count towards debt to pay every month does the student loan affect my credit does the income contingent plan and every month get statement showing that is higher every month on the income contingent plan. My credit ratio also how does this will affect my credit does this will affect credit … Continue reading