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Shivering around arrangement in the US-debt quarrel goes on

The time runs away: Also four days before the menacing insolvency of the USA no arrangement is by view. The Republicans had to adjourn on the Thursday evening (local time) a vote about a rise of the debt limit in the chamber of deputies. Reason was the internal quarrel between moderate and radicals in the … Continue reading

What is the 401k plan?

401(k) plan is a retirement benefit available to an employee from their company. This is an added advantage to the employee of that company, as one is not smothered with monetary issues after retirement. The 401k plan works simply based on

US dollar fall again?

The clock ticks. Already on Tuesday of the next week the USA and with it the biggest national economy of the world, could be insolvent because themselves both big parties block mutually. Nevertheless, according to the images ripe for theatre of the last weeks is to be assumed from the fact that the poker

Transfer money from foreign country – IRS

Many people seek to transfer money from a foreign country back to the U.S. for many different reasons. Some have an inheritance from a relative that lived abroad, and others simply have income from working in another country. Either way, those people need to

How much money should a 50 year old have saved for retirement

Everyone in the working world is concerned with saving money or should be. Many people look forward to the day when they can retire from work and enjoy their golden years. The key to enjoying those years is being financially prepared for them. Most people start saving when they start working. Whether they’re in their … Continue reading

Greece bailout process – Eu rescues greece

Euro of summit: Bank help to Greece fixed Less power for rating agencies The heads of state and heads of government of the euro-zone have agreed on Thursday on a 14-points plan. Among them the participation of private investors in the second rescue package also falls for Athens as Germany had demanded. Also it was … Continue reading

The loan or credit calculator

A loan calculator is a web-based tool that you can access online from many different web sites. Its purpose is to provide users the convenience in computing the value of payments to be made from loans. Loan calculators are very easy to use because

How can i pay online

Technology and the internet have truly improved our daily lives in many ways. From education, communication, and entertainment, billions of users are constantly connected to the internet for many different purposes. Another advantage that the internet offers

Cash income tax US

Most people who file income tax in the U.S. receive their income via check or credit cards. They follow all the standard procedures, and usually they have no problems doing so. However, there are those people who get their income in cash. This can sometimes cause confusion. People might think there are different standards for … Continue reading

The 401k limits 2011 from IRS

The new 401k Contribution limits from 2011, announced from the IRS: 2011 Maximum 401k Contributions: 16,500 USD Annual contribution limits: 49,000 USD

How I get a debit card

A debit card is a special type of commercial instrument that enables a person to carry cash very conveniently. This card is quite similar to a credit card. But, unlike a credit card, the person cannot get into any debt trap using a debit card. This is because the person using this card cannot spend … Continue reading

How to use PayPal?

One of the best ways of performing online transaction is through PayPal. This is a web site that allows one to receive payments or to send money to an individual or an organization, through the internet. This is considered to be a safe method of money transaction as no revelation of security codes or credit … Continue reading

How much money should I have saved to buy a new house?

Apart from the money that needs to be spent on getting the home, there may be so many hidden costs that are involved. We must also take into consideration these costs, when buying a home. For instance, one needs to pay for the insurance of the home title insurance (for transferring the title to our … Continue reading