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For the dollar there seems to be to no more holds

The driving downhill of the dollar has gone on Thursday to a new round. An astonishing increase in interest rates in Singapore moves according to observers again the extremely low level of interest rates in the USA in the look as well as the still crippleded economic situation. “Everything what points

Euro rises in the direction of 1.41 dollars

The euro has continued his high-altitude flight on Thursday and has risen in the direction of 1.41 US dollars. In early trade the communal currency cost up to 1.4094 dollars and with it about one cent more than in the eve. A dollar was worth at last 0.7095 euros. The European central bank (EZB) had … Continue reading

World economy during the currency war

Expansion of the money supply and interventions in the foreign exchange market: China, Japan and the USA lead the fight for world shares of the market increasingly about her currencies. How investors can make with it profits. Long he was the beating boy of the foreign exchange markets: In June sank the euro

Euro rises again in the direction of 1.40 dollars

The euro has risen on Wednesday again in the direction of 1.40 US dollars, after he suffered at last clearly from tributes. In early trade the communal currency up to 1.3978 dollars and with it cost

Europrice fall – consolidation after high-altitude flight?

The course of the euro has liked on Tuesday and has itself further from the brand from 1.40 US dollars away. The European communal currency was traded with 1.3827 US dollars. At times the euro had

Euro further on descent

After the euro bounced off on Monday of the brand with 1.40 dollars down, the descent goes on on Tuesday. In early trade the communal currency cost scarcely half a cent less than in

Currency war between Euro and Dollar

Investors forget very fast. Do you remember? It is only some weeks, there the euro should stand before the collapse, our currency system should break and overthrow the PIIGS states to us in the downfall. Many analysts and comments saw the euro up to the parity falling to the US dollar. It came quite differently! … Continue reading

Euro oversold?

Without any correction the euro has increased in comparison to the US dollar during the past four weeks, in the meantime, from about 1.2650 USD on in the point more than 1.40 USD. On account of the latest overshoot about the parallel (act. now, however, with 1.3901 USD) to the boom trend since