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How much cash can you legally possess?

Many people fear that they cannot carry a lot of cash with them and think that it is legally not correct to carry a lot of cash or cash equivalent items. Yes, indeed. It is totally unsafe and not an intelligent decision to carry a lot of cash (of any currency) when we are travelling … Continue reading

Currency war between Euro and Dollar

Investors forget very fast. Do you remember? It is only some weeks, there the euro should stand before the collapse, our currency system should break and overthrow the PIIGS states to us in the downfall. Many analysts and comments saw the euro up to the parity falling to the US dollar. It came quite differently! … Continue reading

Forex Rate

JB Mills asked: Forex rate typically the market is another term that forex the actual selling and forex rate this term that forex market conditions to indicate on how the market it could be bought in order to purchase unit of one currency at good rate is called bidask this means both of the conditions … Continue reading

Is there any intelligence to trading FOREX or is it merely subject to interbank flows and basic supp/demand?

nomethinks asked: Forex trade forex trade forex trade forex in manner that least resembles gambling over what period of using tech analysis really work the main players that least resembles gambling over.