The rally of the second-line stocks goes for far second-line stocks are asked currently

The German second-line stocks take down in the topical impetus phase DAX clearly: MDAX and SDAX show with a course plus of 20 percent and more since beginning of the year an impressive performance.

The default index DAX remains clear with an increase of six percent behind it.

Though the planned introduction of the winter tyre duty is delayed till November. The shares of the on-line tyre manufacturer Delticom still profited from the discussion about that. On the next Tuesday the Delticom board of directors will report temporary sales figures for the third quarter – and raise in all probability the forecasts clearly.

Already since the spring, 2009 the Delticom share rises in the intact upward trend which culminated prelast week in an all-time high with 55.10 euros. The topically to be observed light consolidation is to be classified after the strong course increase of the last months as healthy. Nevertheless, she will stretch on account of the oversold Trading indicators ein while. In the medium term other increase potential presents itself with the jump about the present record high up to 65 euros. A negative development finds out the chartpicture with the case under the horizontal support with 37 euros. Besides, in this area the 200-days line lies with 36.89 euros currently. Ein break of this support bundle would entail other tributes up to 30 euros. Topically Delticom take down with 52.80 euros.

King Pharmaceuticals
After the share consolidated during the past three years in a span between about 5 and 9 euros, the course jumped on Wednesday about the upper limitation the rank and pretended with 10.40 euros ein new multiannual high. Reason for this was the announcement of the takeover of the enterprise by the world-biggest medicament manufacturer Pfizer for 2.6 milliard euros. The guidance of King Pharmaceuticals has already agreed to the order, one says. In pre-market dealings US trade the share jumped on Tuesday of King Pharmaceuticals 39.3 percent on 14.14 dollars upwards, because Pfizer lures the King stockholders with a full impact of about 40 percent on the closing price of Monday. Around the turn of the year the takeover should be concluded.

Now though it could come once again to a back compositor and test of the support with 9 euros, nevertheless, higher should be headed, seen by consolidation breaks, with the outbreak ein course aim with 16 euros. The promising scenario with the relapse would become frail in the old trade profit margin.

Avon Products
The course of the lipstick distributor succeeded last week the jump about the gliding averages of the 38-as well as 200-days. Far continuance has the thus generated purchase signal, as long as the areas are not fell short with 23.55 and 22.99 euros. According to a report of the British newspaper “Daily Mail” the French cosmetics giant apparently has L’OrĂ©al S.A ein eye on the US competitor thrown and wants to present ein takeover offer at the rate of more than 44 dollars share for Avon Products. Topically the title with the opposition fights with about 25.40 euros which arises from the movement high from April of this year. If he can be overcome with lasting effect, waves ein the first course aim with about 28 euros. Even courses with 30 euros are long-term in it.

SMT Sharply
The share climbed during the past days in blow distance to the all-time high which lies with 13.63 euros. With a lasting outbreak about that the way from chart view would be free. Formal-technically can be derived from the triangular formation educated during the past months ein course aim with about 16.50 euros. Another upward momentum with the case would be negated under the support zone with 11.60 euros. Surgically good news from South America comes for the mining-technology supplier currently. SMT should deliver Sharply for ein Argentine mine two so-called part cut machines which are used in the mining underground for the driving by distances. The business for the recently akquirierte section of the enterprise has ein volume of three million euros, announces SMT Sharply on Tuesday.

Grammer AG
The car supplier Grammer has raised his expectations for the current year thanks to the inquiry lively again once more. The turnover of at last 727.4 million euros might increase this year by about 20 percent, informed the enterprise on the Tuesday evening in Amberg. Up to now Grammer had ein increase in turnover of 10 percent promised. Reason for the growing optimism is the good development during the summer months which has run better than expected, and one said a good orders situation in both enterprise areas.

After the gramme-share of a course level came with just 19 euros in 2008 massively under pressure and took down in spring, 2009 only with 2.45 euros, she could increase since then more than 600 percent. At short notice the massive opposition area could hinder in 19 euros of another making headway and force the course to a breather. Besides, investors should have ein eye on the support with 16 and 14 euros. Since ein significant falling short would cause course losses up to 10 euros. On the top the region forms with 23 euros of next higher course aim.

The values in request mostly currently are Daimler, the German bank, Siemens and Apple.

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