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What Can We Say about the New Apple iPad 4?

Rumours started about the new iPad 4 right after the iPad 3 was released and the buzz was absolutely nuts because the Apple Corp has been producing some of the most innovative products to date. Apple’s product lines include the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and the new iCloud technology. It’s not that one product is … Continue reading

The Mohammed movie

I know, it has nothing to do with Finance, forex or something like that. I hope my normal readers are not so extremly bad with me, if i post now this content. Worldwide there is a attack about this short movie.

Wikipedia off, 24 hours

Wikipedia is now off, beginning from January 18, midnight, eastern time. But not complete Wikipedia, no, only EN and only on browsers if the work with Java Scripts. So you can access Wiki EN on your smartphone or deactivate Java in your browser, how ridiculous is that? In my opionion its REAL half-hearted and absolutly ridiculous. They … Continue reading

Property tax in Europe

Within Europe, there are varying systems of property tax assessment and collection. Property tax systems prevalent in the western European nations differ from those in the central and eastern European countries. Most of the Eastern as well as Central European nations are

Public health insurance in the US

It has become a common attitude of people to get things done on their own. The present generation has become extremely lazy. People do not take care of their health and keep themselves busy in their routine matters, not knowing that they are damaging themselves inside. This routine and life style leads one to

Taxation of Pensions in the US

People are more enthusiastic to do work and make their name when they are young. With the passage of time, they grow weak and their capabilities also get worn out. Therefore, they abandon their jobs and announce retirement so that they spend rest of their lives with their family and friends in peace. Retirement is … Continue reading

Property tax in US

In the US, property tax rates differ from State to State and locality to locality. These taxes are the source of finance for counties, municipalities, or local governments, as the case may be. Such governing bodies are responsible for providing required infrastructure such as roads, power supply, water, gas, police protection, free medical facilities, schools, … Continue reading

How i get a master in finance

Getting a Master’s Degree in Finance may be a bit trickier than getting a Master’s Degree in other professional fields. First, there is the issue about the degree itself. It is very easy to confuse it with being an alternative to a

What is FAFSA?

If you want to go to college but lack resources to do so, you will be delighted to know how FAFSA could help you reach your goal. Short for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA is used by the Department of Education to find out who will be approved for Financial Assistance. FAFSA is … Continue reading

Tax for seniors in pension

The majority of the senior citizen population relies on their pension for survival and necessities. Some enjoy the benefits of being taken under the wing of their children. Others are put in nursing homes to await death in their beds. These were the logical

Mastercard or Visa Card

MasterCard and Visa Card are special types of prepaid cards that are convenient for cash payments. Traditionally, people carried cash around, especially when traveling. The impracticality of carrying cash soon became obvious. First, inflation caught up, making

Who can get food stamps in US

Americans are no doubt experiencing the economic crisis below the belt. Due to the recession and that, many are being laid-off from their only means of income; they cannot avoid being dependent on the government’s aid and food stamps. The so-called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a food stamp program by the federal government … Continue reading

Is a debit card secure?

Many people are skeptical about the security of debit cards. It is true that debit cards represent the entire bank balance at any point in time. A debit card would enable the bank account holder to cash the entire amount in the checking account.

Shivering around arrangement in the US-debt quarrel goes on

The time runs away: Also four days before the menacing insolvency of the USA no arrangement is by view. The Republicans had to adjourn on the Thursday evening (local time) a vote about a rise of the debt limit in the chamber of deputies. Reason was the internal quarrel between moderate and radicals in the … Continue reading