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What is FAFSA?

If you want to go to college but lack resources to do so, you will be delighted to know how FAFSA could help you reach your goal. Short for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA is used by the Department of Education to find out who will be approved for Financial Assistance. FAFSA is … Continue reading

Tax for seniors in pension

The majority of the senior citizen population relies on their pension for survival and necessities. Some enjoy the benefits of being taken under the wing of their children. Others are put in nursing homes to await death in their beds. These were the logical

Mastercard or Visa Card

MasterCard and Visa Card are special types of prepaid cards that are convenient for cash payments. Traditionally, people carried cash around, especially when traveling. The impracticality of carrying cash soon became obvious. First, inflation caught up, making

Who can get food stamps in US

Americans are no doubt experiencing the economic crisis below the belt. Due to the recession and that, many are being laid-off from their only means of income; they cannot avoid being dependent on the government’s aid and food stamps. The so-called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a food stamp program by the federal government … Continue reading

How long does a student loan take to get it?

A student loan is fast and efficient educational assistance offered to students in colleges and universities. There are numerous public and private funding institutions that offer and accommodate student loan applications for all purposes. Some student loans are funded by the

Is a debit card secure?

Many people are skeptical about the security of debit cards. It is true that debit cards represent the entire bank balance at any point in time. A debit card would enable the bank account holder to cash the entire amount in the checking account.

Reasons to own a own property

Owning a property makes a person financially secure.  Let us consider the rent that is paid every month. It increases annually or biannual. However, any money that is deposited in banks or in government securities does not increase as regularly. Rental increases are compounded, i.e., the 10 percent increase in rental of this year would be … Continue reading