Euro rises on the highest state since January 2010

The course of the euro has clearly risen on Thursday and has crossed at times the brand of 1.41 US dollars.

The European communal currency was traded in the late afternoon with 1.4077 dollars. In the peak the euro with 1.4121 dollars of highest state reached since January. The European central bank (EZB) had the authoritative course in the afternoon on 1.4101 (Wednesday: 1.3958) dollar settled. The dollar cost thus 0.7092 (0,7164) euros.

“The high likelyhood that the US central bank will decide additional purchases of state loans in November presses furthermore on the dollar”, said a foreign currency expert. The data published in the afternoon would have strengthened this expectation. Thus the US-producer’s prices would have signalled no inflation pressure. Besides, the first applications for unemployment assistance have unexpectedly risen. “Also the economic data standing in a queue on Friday might raise the action pressure on the Fed”, word mountain expects.

“The EZB is differently knitted here”, he said. Here tones should be heard at last which went rather to another direction. Thus EZB councillor and Central Bank president Axel Weber has demanded to let run out permanently the security purchases. “The euro has farther upside potential”, he said. Also from technical view the picture as the euro has improved the opposition with 1.4027 dollars has overcome.
To other important currencies fixed the EZB the authoritative courses for a euro to 0.87920 (0,88120) British pounds (EUR / GBP), 114.43 (114,23) Japanese yens (EUR / JPY) and 1.3386 (1,3352) Swiss francs (EUR / CHF). The price of a fine ounce gold (31.1 grammes) was sold short in London in the afternoon with 1,373.25 (1.365,50) dollars. 1 kilo of gold cost 31,230.00 (30.940,00) euros.

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