Euro further on descent

After the euro bounced off on Monday of the brand with 1.40 dollars down, the descent goes on on Tuesday.

In early trade the communal currency cost scarcely half a cent less than in the eve to 1.3840 US dollars and with it. At the weekly beginning the euro had given way even more clearly and had liked under the brand of 1.39 dollars. A dollar was worth at last 0.7225 euros. The European central bank (EZB) had the authoritative course on the Monday noon on 1.3936 (Friday: 1.3874) dollar settled.

In view of less economic data there might remain quiet on Tuesday at least basically. However, big attention will pull the protocol to the latest meeting of the US central bank on itself. On her last meeting in September the currency guardians had additional measures to the support him weakening US economic situation promised. From the meeting protocol which is published on the Tuesday evening experts hope for tips to extent as well as way of the possible backing.

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