American Express or Discover wich is better?

When choosing a credit card, you should not base your decision on the brand name or the company name of the card. Instead, you should take into consideration your credit card needs. American Express and Discover credit cards have similarities and differences in the services that they provide.
This should help you choose which of the two will be the right card for you.
Although American Express and Discover credit cards are not as popularly used in most countries, they still provide the basic needs of a consumer as a transaction medium. Both credit cards offer a cash back program, but the downside is that there are not too many establishments that accept American Express or Discover credit cards.

Basically, a cash back program provides 5 percent cash back on multiple purchases with the use of the credit card.
These purchases include products or services that are currently popular or commonly used.
As the months progress, the categories eligible for the 5 percent cash back vary, and maybe different from what other credit card companies are offering. For products or services purchased with the credit card that are not qualified for the 5 percent cash back, you are automatically entitled to 1 percent cash back for any transaction made.

American Express credit cards are charging customers an annual fee, while the Discover More credit card has no annual fees whatsoever.
Discover has great rewards in addition to the rotating 5 percent cash back program. American Express, on the other hand provides excellent customer care and benefits with the 3-2-1 Gold Card. If your choice will be based on reviews, then Discover is the most likely choice for you. More users are satisfied with the rotating cash back program that the company is offering, and consumers are finding the featured products and services worth the wait. Discover is the best choice for frequent spenders who purchase in small amounts, while American Express is the perfect credit card for big spenders. Deciding on which credit card to use is really more of a personal choice. Reading user reviews and recommendations should only serve as your guide in deciding which credit card to get.


The opinions of many consumers who have one or both credit cards should only be used as your reference in determining which company provides the features that you need. If you believe that you can manage your finances with more than one credit card, then it is safe to say that you can get both credit cards and see which one will work best for you. Other considerations to be made are the establishments in your area that accept either one or both of the credit cards, and whether you can settle your debts within the allotted time.

The use of a credit card should not be abused by purchasing products that you cannot afford. Instead, use your credit card as a tool to make payments for products or services that you can afford, but do not have the sufficient funds at the moment.

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