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Income Tax Returns and the Tax Deadlines for 2013 in the US

Every year, individuals who have taxable income are required to file their income tax returns (ITRs) especially those whose total income has exceeded the limit for exemption. They should be aware of the proper procedures set by their government when filing ITRs. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the one responsible for filing and … Continue reading

Reasons to own a own property

Owning a property makes a person financially secure.  Let us consider the rent that is paid every month. It increases annually or biannual. However, any money that is deposited in banks or in government securities does not increase as regularly. Rental increases are compounded, i.e., the 10 percent increase in rental of this year would be … Continue reading

How much can you pay someone without paying taxes?

Paying tax is an important part of all money transaction. We would have heard many people saying that one paid someone under the table, which means that it is an illegal way of making payment, without providing the information to the tax authorities. Apart from this illegal, there are also several legal ways of making the payments and yet … Continue reading

Can you get away without paying tax for cash in hand jobs?

willwallner asked: The money into your account surely the government could see that if you get paid in cash and not pay tax people keep telling me to report them. Cash into your making money into your making money and not pay tax people keep telling me to report them. how much can you pay … Continue reading