The week of the decision approaches

During the past weeks a subject in the financial markets completely on top on the agenda – the possibly standing in a queue quantitative relaxation of the US central bank was a FED. Finally, on Wednesday are “done the job properly”

The weak US dollar which has lost since September more than nine percent to value might have a “well-arranged” amount for the purchase of US-state loans already priced. As realistic house numbers estimates were already handed round between 500 and 700 billion dollars in the market. Should the FED take in hand even more money, is to be calculated on a continuation of the dollar weakness, in the other case the opposite and possibly considerable turbulence threatens in the shares and raw material markets. However, before the financial world will see concerning this clearer, still quite a lot of “economic situation cliff” must be circumnavigated – in particular on Monday-. Thus the data stand in a queue at 14.30 o’clock to the personal income and issues for September as well as the shopping manager’s index ISM for the October for the publication. The latter should increase after a decline of from 56.3 to 54.4 counters (September) according to a Bloomberg’s survey among analysts on 54.5 points easily. Then in the course of Tuesday still the October-sales figures of the US-automarket follow. A plus of 8.3 million on 8.6 million vehicles was announced to the last update and was with it jointly responsible for the strong performance of autoshares.

US job market dominates

To the midweek the investors might be interested not only in the news of the FED (Wednesday, 20.15 o’clock), but also in the water level announcements of the US job market. The beginning make on Wednesday the Challenger report on job cuts and the monthly report of the ADP, followed by the weekly new applications for unemployment assistance (Thursday). Then on Friday still the October report of the US department of employment follows to the rate of unemployment or place number. According to a Bloomberg’s survey the unemployment rate should stagnate at 9.6 percent. Finally still another problem child should serve before the week-end topical data, the US property market in the form of upcoming house sales for the September. Result: Boringly it might not become next week in all probability.

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