Mid caps remain interesting

While global stocks increased from January, 2001 to March, 2011 more than 40 percent, have doubled Small and Mid Caps in the same period in the value more than.A principal reason for the better performances are the cyclic impetus motions which are reflected in higher business profits. Finanzen.net this week has more exactly looked four mid caps again:
Bob MobileSince end of 2005 on the stock exchange listed stock of the provider of mobile added value services (opening rate: 14.50 euros) had to go only by a deep valley (all-time-low with 2.30 euros), before in 2009, finally, the desired upward trend seated. This led the exchange rate then at the end of April on an all-time-high with 24.44 euros. Although the value consolidates currently and tested, besides, at last the support with about 19.50 euros successfully for continuance, nothing stands to a trend continuation from chart-technical view in the way. At short notice the market technology will also provide for tail wind, because the trend follower MACD stands scarcely before a purchase signal. If the potential resulting from it is outbidded then, it could go once more in the direction of the called motion high. In addition, the way is free of hurdle, so that in the medium term to in the long term other growths could be generated till the region with 28.00 euros. The indicated scenario with a significant case would become frail under the 200-days line with currently 18.36 euros. Operationally it well runs: The turnover lay in the first quarter in 2011 with 8.4 million euros about 35 percent about the last year’s value of 6.2 million euros. The EBIT was only slightly negative in spite of the scheduled high beginning investments of the Spieletochter Just A Game GmbH founded in 2010 with below 0.4 million euros, informed the group recently.
Real time TechnologyThe title of real time Technology which quintupled since 2009 more than also has a good run. The all-time-high of the provider of visualisation software for customers from the automobile industry, aviation industry and clothing industry lay with 29.85 euros which was scaled in March of this year. Since then a breather which will further continue most probably is to be observed. New increase fantasia comes into play if one succeeds in overcoming the described high back to top. Because there also are here no chart-technical barriers, potential of other six euros could arise in the medium term. An exchange rate destination zone can be conducted from it with 35,/36 euros. However, an exchange rate slide under the support with 24 euros could point to a top formation which could cause other losses to first on 20 euros. At the middle of August, 2010 Siemens venture capital had participated in real time Technology. Analysts can imagine that Siemens could upgrade his portion (currently 9 percent) during the coming months. The stockholder structure of real time Technology would demonstrate even a takeover bid possibly what would clearly give lift, according to the analysts to the stock.SQS AGAfter a mountain journey and driving downhill the value of the provider of software test and quality management services could stabilise since beginning of the year about the brand with 2.40 euros. In the March high he had climbed even 2.95 euros, however, the level could not hold. Because it concerns here a high volatile stock narrow to market, purchase orders should be handed in only with limit. On account of the technical indicators which stand in the purchase mode the March high could stand in perspective soon to the arrangement. If a crack about this range also acting as a resistance succeeds in the following, the next destination zone lies with 3.20 euros. Slipping under the at the beginning mentioned support with the 2.40 euros at whose level also the 200-days line lies would ruin the other recreational scenario.XING AGAt the middle of April the exchange rate of the Internet platform about the upper limitation of the lateral movement smashed to date broke out with about 43.70 euros back to top and generated with it a purchase signal. The following exchange rate increase up to an all-time-high with 55.89 euros from the 19th of May was also confirmed by a rising volume. In the gone over commercial week it came to the light consolidation trends which left the exchange rate, nevertheless, at high level. A view at the Momentum shooting back to top again displays that the upward trend could continue already shortly. On this occasion, the medium-term to long-term exchange rate destination lies after beat of the all-time-high with about 68,/70 euros. The business runs excellently: The member’s numbers rose in the first quarter by from 215,000 to 4.7 millions. The turnover climbed at the same time about 24 percent 15.7 million euros, the EBITDA of 3.3 million euros in the year before on 5.6 million euros.

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