How you raise your cash flow

Before we search for new sources of income, we should realise about for which we receive generally money. We receive money in the exchange for the value we to others deliver.
This value can be made available in the form of products or services. The value created by us must be big enough, so that somebody is ready to display for it money.
This easy conception is the base for the huge prosperity of the richest people of the world.
The cash flow raise, tells to raise the value
Besides, it plays no role whether you now one millions or a euro generally want to earn. The basic idea always remains the same: They must deliver with your work to other people a value which is for this of so great importance that they are ready to pay for it.
If it the richest people make in such a way, why it should not function then with you? Unfortunately, seems the understanding of this conception, nevertheless, do not unite to be so clear. These people commit a basic error:
They concentrate upon the money instead of on the value which you deliver to other people
With such a focus you lose your real assignment out of sight: Value of other works. They do not concentrate any more upon what other people receive from you, but is only on it what for you in it and how you can increase your income. However, their income stands in proportion to the values which you deliver.
If you liked to raise your income, you must raise at the same time the values created by them. You can thereby also reach this appreciation, while you sell your products / services to a bigger number to person. Bill Gates would not be probably so rich if only every hundredth owned a PC.
If you display to yourselves about that for which you every single day money. Besides, an exchange of money AND for you to valuable products / services always takes place, as for example food, insurances, petrol, concerts or holiday trips.
My tip:
If you want to raise the cash flow in your lives, then raise value of your products / services. The money is always only the universal means of payment for all values which you deliver. Without values no money – so simply this is!
The more unique and unrivaled which are from you to gelled values the more valuably these are also. Create best of all unique and really valuable values of other people!

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