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European-wide raid: off-line

At a European-wide raid raids have been carried out because of the suspicion of the unlawful spreading by features today in Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands in numerous living rooms and offices of the website All together 13 culprits were arrested as the general public prosecutor’s office informed in German Dresden. For an … Continue reading

Are call money offers of foreign banks serious?

For some years more foreign banks press increasingly for the German market and lure with especially attractive call money conditions. Indeed, most consumers are very sceptical and put to themselves the question whether corresponding call money attachments with a risk are linked. At first once all-clear can be on: To be able to enter into

Is it to be changed recommendable by interest adaptations the bank?

Call money accounts are always paid interest variably. This means that the height of the call money interest is always dependent from the development of the market interest. If the market interest rises, the credit institutes will correct her interest rates with the time also back to top. With falling market interest the interest rates … Continue reading

Is it worthwhile generally call money offers to compare with each other?

A lot of higher meaning comes up to the comparison of call money offers than it most accept. It is not long ago in such a way that the numerous call money accounts which are available at the market are exceedingly similar themselves. Thus it is a matter with a call money comparison of paying … Continue reading

Relevant cash flows with the dynamic processes of the investment

The most important dot with the dynamic processes of the investment is that one concentrates exclusively upon differences in the expected future cash flows which are caused by the implementing of a project. All cash flows are immediately treated, no matter whether they come from the company, purchase or sales of pieces of equipment or … Continue reading

Which meaning comes up to the time of the payment of interest?

With most call money accounts the interest merely once, usually at the end of the year, is credited. However, there are also credit institutes who carry out quarterly or monthly interest credits. Many investors put the question to themselves, to what extent this fact with the search for the suitable call money account is to … Continue reading

How much money should I have saved to buy a new car?

There are many sites that could provide us information on the car rates. If we provide the year, when the car was manufactured, the car make, the model of the car as well as Zip codes, sites like carprices will provide the exact price. This service is fast and also free.

Infos and sample pass on the theme Certificate of debt

Infos and sample pass on the theme Certificate of debt Certificates of debt go down to the times when the procurement of capital took place, primarily, between company or private individuals together. Because today in particular bigger sums of money are made available in most cases by advance and credit by banks, certificates of debt … Continue reading

The new P account – the first experiences

Now, finally, since the 1st of July this year there is the long announced and long-desired P account. Now everybody can keep an account without having to be afraid that urgently required money must be impounded and a protracted release process be waited. So the theory. But how does the conversion of the reorganisation look … Continue reading