Rescue for Greece except view – euro falls for a short time less than 1.43 US dollars

The euro is on Wednesday in early trade…… for a short time under the brand of 1.4300 USD like. The communal currency was loaded by the wrangling around other financial assistances for Greece.

Yesterday a crisis summit of the European Ministers of Finance failed because of the question whether there should be a participation of private investors in the rescue of the country and how this could look. The euro against it was supported by an official statistics to the industrial production in the eurospace. According to the European statistics authority Eurostat the production rose in April by 0.2% compared with the previous month. With it there lay the statistics within the analyst’s expectations. At 12:30 o’clock the euro took down again a little higher with 1.4319 USD.
Thanks to the increasing use of the Internet the currency market has opened during the past years also for private investors. On-line they can process round-the-clock foreign currency transactions. Besides difference contracts (CFDs) for private investors with small wallet are efficient tools. For a CFD they must deposit only one security and not pay the full value of her position as it would be the case with the classical foreign exchange. Then, however, according to the used lever the chance also rises the risk.

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