How much money should I have saved to buy a new car?

There are many sites that could provide us information on the car rates. If we provide the year, when the car was manufactured, the car make, the model of the car as well as Zip codes, sites like carprices will provide the exact price. This service is fast and also free. One of the highest priced cars is the German cars called Volkswagen.
One can really have a good feeling while driving these cars.
Volkswagen beetle costs around 18, 995 dollars.
The fuel usage is 22 mpg in cities.
When it is used in the highways, the fuel economy will be 31 mpg.
Similar to this Volkswagen Jetta spirtswagen and Passat are in the
range of 20 000 dollars.
Volkswagen Touareg is highly costly and ranges from 44,450 dollars
to 60, 565 dollars for Volkswagen Touareg hybrid type.
The Volkswagen Tiguan costs 23,720 dollars.

The Japanese brand, Toyota is world famous and one can buy the
Toyota 4runner at 30305 dollars.
Toyota avlon can be purchased at 32, 595 dollars.
Many people are fond of the Toyota Camry.
To buy the new vehicle one needs to spend close to 20, 195.
Some second hand vehicles are available at 6000 dollars to
8000 dollars. There are also other high end cars in Toyota like the
Toyota Venza, Tundra double cab, Tundra CrewMaxCab and so on,
which range in price from 24 00 dollars to 28 000 dollars.
If we decide to settle down on a low priced car in Toyota, then we
can try the following – Toyota matrix and Corolla, which are
around 15 000to 18 000 dollars.
Toyota FJ cruiser is also quite popular but costly.
It can be purchased if we have saved close to 25 000 dollars.

If one is extremely rich and affords a car like Mercedes Benz, it is
really a great buy.
Mercedes-Benz sprinter is one of the cheapest cars among the
Benz. This costs around 36 000 dollars.
Some of the most expensive, where the car price reaches
up to 150 000 dollars or more, can be seen in Benz cars.
We cannot imagine the rates of these cars.
It may be soaring to peaks of 200 000 dollars or even more.
One needs to spend 198 750 dollars, to be accurate, in order to buy the Mercedes Benz-SL-class SL65 AMG. This is one of the richest cars that one could ever buy in this world.


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