Which meaning comes up to the time of the payment of interest?

With most call money accounts the interest merely once, usually at the end of the year, is credited. However, there are also credit institutes who carry out quarterly or monthly interest credits.
Many investors put the question to themselves, to what extent this fact with the search for the suitable call money account is to be noticed.
Generalised can be said that this dot can be neglected with the search. Though a more frequent interest credit leads to a compound interest effect and therefore to a higher income return, indeed, the effect does not become apparent particularly – after all, the interest advantage is only extremely low.
Therefore it is a matter this aspect to notice only if one weighs between accounts which offer an equally high payment of interest and differ merely in view of the time of the interest credit. In such a case it is recommendable to decide on the call money account with the more frequent interest credit.

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