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Two months after the start Apples music has furnished network Ping a linking with Twitter. With it Apple strengthens the reach of his on-line shop iTunes and the position in the competition with the entertainment platform MySpace.

Though with the start of Ping have announced themselves already during the first two days more than one million iTunes members with the network. However, the new community remained partitioning first from the outside world – particularly as talks with the world-biggest on-line network had remained a Facebook unsuccessful.

Now a Ping user can produce a connection with Twitter, so that every activity is transmitted like the tip to a certain song also as Tweet (short communication). This Tweet automatically receives a link to the suitable side in the iTunes shop. And on the right side of the Twitter website one can listen directly in the suitable song. With it it becomes easier to draw the attention of own friends and of contacts to musical discoveries, one said on Thursday (local time) in the Twitter-Blog

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