Thus performances of the private health insurance are subtracted

Private patients can choose her doctor freely and stand with the cost allowance directly in the contract with the treating doctor. There are not transfers thereby also, because the patient also chooses here the treating doctor freely. Resulted medical costs and also costs for drugs result first always directly for the patient.

Consequently the calculation written out by the doctor with amount, diagnosis and medical measures is paid by the insured person. The patient can pass on the calculation to his private health insurance and thus the costs can be refunded. However, in case of a stationary stay the financial is regulated directly between hospital and cash. Practise fees do not result for private sick person’s insured person.

Changes in the private health insurance well consider

The advantages of the PKV lie in the more extensive performance offer (e.g., set of dentures, special health resort costs rates, European-wide to worldwide insurance cover) as well as the quite individually agreeing insurance cover. According to personal need and financial possibility the member can determine the extent and the object of the performances himself.

However, a change should be considered in the private health insurance well. The decision to the change is a decision for life. What is saved during young years in contributions, can lead at the age to a considerable load. If the salary border is not fallen short, a return retires in the legal health insurance. Therefore, before a change one should consult absolutely neutrally. The insurance policies should be examined for unnecessary performance extents and contribution savings. Finally offers should be also obtained by several private health insurance schemes. Only so can be guaranteed that one finds the individually fitting insurance policy

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