Contributions to the private health insurance

The private health insurance offer her service after the equivalence principle. The contribution height depends on the performance wishes as well as on individual criteria of the policy holder: Entry age, gender, health state etc. The person engaged insurance premium considers with it also the illness risk of the insured person. A higher risk and more performances mean higher amounts. By this principle should be guaranteed that insured persons with equally high health risks deposit just so much that her possibly resulting insurance performances can be covered.

Expensive health
By contrast sick person’s insured persons with her contributions answer legally also for the included in the insurance. Thus the legal health insurance is based on the solidarity principle by which every one claim to a firm performance extent should have and the contribution sentence orientates itself by the financial as well as informal relations of the insured persons. Calculation basis for the regulation of the monthly insured person’s contribution is the income. From this one is led away from cash to cash in terms of percentage different contribution to the health insurance scheme.

New standard rate in the private health insurance

The monthly contribution to the private health insurance always contains an age reserve. Herewith rising costs should be cushioned at the age. The deposited contributions lie during young years about the calculated need. At the age if the costs rise for treatment and drugs, it is accessed, as far as the monthly contribution cannot cover the need any more, the age reserve.

From the 1st of July is valid in this connection a new regulation. So that at the age the monthly contribution sentences do not become the cost case and an adequate performance offer is guaranteed, a branch-uniform standard rate was introduced. This is allowed to do a regulated maximum amount (for 2007: 505.88 euros in the month) do not cross and should offer a comparable insurance cover like that of the legal health insurance schemes. Above all older private patients can make sure in the standard rate from 55 years.

The monthly contributions are taken over half of it from the employer, at most, however, up to the average maximum rate of the legal health insurance (currently max. 258.19 euros). With officials there is no employer’s contribution. Here the employer (alliance or country) takes part in terms of percentage in the taken up performances (doctor’s bills, costs for drugs and remedial treatments etc.).

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