Why do you need the promissory notes?

Have you ever make agreement for lending money? You can do it borrowing money from your family, bank or money lender. In a lending contract agreement between the two sides, it takes a warranty. This warranty can be a valuable asset in the form or in the form of warrants. Promissory notes can be used as collateral between the parties who perform the borrowing agreement. Promissory notes contain a record of our finances for us to be a debtor. This letter is a contract legally binding agreement which can be used in court if the borrower defaults on the loan. Letter of guarantee contains assets of the debtor that can be executed by the lender by a judgment if the debtor fails to pay.

Promissory notes to document the purchase of personal items such as jewelry, equipment, or vehicles and can be used as collateral for loans that we make to the creditors. Letter collateral can show good faith effort borrowers on loans given by lenders. The size of the value of promissory notes depending on the loan amount, loan period and also take lender may ask for some sort of guarantee assets to support financial records contained in the letter of guarantee. For example, if you borrow $ 5,000 from your brother, he may ask you to use your assets such as your car or a big screen TV as financial collateral if you default on the loan. Asset is listed in your promissory notes.

Promissory notes can help prevent misunderstandings between family and friends you when making lending agreement between the two sides. When preparing the record must clearly state how much the loan is taken, how much interest in the charge, the old loan and the payment date each month. Promissory notes can be purchased at office supply stores or downloaded via the Internet. Promissory note is absolutely necessary for the loan agreement between the debtor and the bank. If you are a debtor fails to pay, then the bank may require you to pay according to your collateral assets in promissory notes. If you mortgage assets not in accordance with the letter of guarantee will be included in the list of blacklisted bank lender. If this happens then forever you will not be able to apply the credit to any financial institution. You must clear your name from the list of black list is to get a loan again.

In the event of the default of the debtor to the creditor, then the creditor can do the bidding of the assets listed in the notes promise. This process takes time and is expensive so usually the creditor requested the cooperation of the debtor to repay the debt by giving a tempo and a more lenient payment according to mutual agreement. This promissory note provides satisfaction for both parties doing the borrowing agreement. Besides, with this letter of guarantee they will feel protected their assets. Amount of assets pledged by the agreement of both parties for better agreement.

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