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Things to Know About Promissory Note

Many sellers are utilizing an owner IOU financed property in order to attract buyers who are ready to pay for the asked price. IOU is derived from the phrase “I owe you”, which is a form of written letter that is made when a particular agreement is settled between 2 parties. Even though the property … Continue reading

Why do you need the promissory notes?

Have you ever make agreement for lending money? You can do it borrowing money from your family, bank or money lender. In a lending contract agreement between the two sides, it takes a warranty. This warranty can be a valuable asset in the form or in the form of warrants. Promissory notes can be used … Continue reading

What is the difference between a federal loan from a univeristy and one from a bank?

Trumania asked: The same thing or is it through your school if the bank ie chase and actually going to bank or is the difference from getting it through your school and applying for example typically. Loan and applying for it through the promissory note for federal stafford loan through your school doesnt award you … Continue reading