Greece considers construction of a Bad Bank

The government in Athens considers according to a newspaper report within the scope of the privatisation plans the construction of a Bad Bank to make state-controlled monetary houses more attractively for buyers. The country high in debt wants to release the financial institutions from the load of the Greek government bondses, reported the newspaper “To Vima” yesterday.
Without papers nearly unmarketable currently the banks could become like the postal bank more interesting for investors. As a model serves the Spanish model, wrote the leaf without entry about sources. The biggest Spanish savings bank of Bankia wants to separate risky real estate credits in a Bad Bank to attract investors for her initial market offer.
The Greek banks have domestic government bondses for about 50 billion euros in the continuance. However, for the papers buyers are hardly to be found according to expert in view of the wretched household position of the country and a menacing debt rescheduling.

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