Wikipedia off, 24 hours

Wikipedia is now off, beginning from January 18, midnight, eastern time. But not complete Wikipedia, no, only EN and only on browsers if the work with Java Scripts.
So you can access Wiki EN on your smartphone or deactivate Java in your browser, how ridiculous is that?

In my opionion its REAL half-hearted and absolutly ridiculous. They like to set a sign? But wich sign is that? Sorry, but this “action” is worthless.

If they like to set a sign, then COMPLETE Wikipedia has to be down. COMPLETE and not only EN Version with Javescript Browsers,
thats the same as anyone say i pay you 100 Bucks  and didn’t have to money with him and he/she said: oh, the bank have the money.

I have no sympathy with this pseudo protest, not 0.01 sec.

You like to make a protest? You like to say NO? The answer is really easy:
.) complete change on ALL Wikipedia sites to this  cheap:
Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge
and Wikipedia is for 24 hours not available for ALL users (also not for smartphone users, users with deactivatet Javascripts etc).

Why this protest try (sorry, its not really a try, its only to try to get attention).
They have needed to call attention to theire project, yes. I didn’t write this sentence as question, because (in my opinion) the answer is easy.

The “protest” is against SOPA and PIPA, you find more infos here: WIKIPEDIA SOPA AND PIPA

I am also not a fan of SOPA and PIPA, but he, if you like to say: NO then use your power and not only 1/100 of them, or are you angry?

My personell summary:

  • worthless action
  • its only a linkbait
  • only a try to get attention
  • ridiculous
  • half hearted
  • don’t use the full Wikipedia power
  • looks like a BIG angry foundation

This is all only MY opinion!!!

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