“In the doubt for the defendant”: Kachelmann acquitted

Jörg Kachelmann is free. The judges did not look as proved that the 52-year-old has threatened a lover with a knife and has violated

The TV moderator Jörg Kachelmann has been acquitted for lack of proofs of the reproach of the rape. The message television station N tv reported this on Tuesday after the judgment announcement in Mannheim. Also the clues would not have been sufficient. With it it concerns a so-called acquittal of the second class – after the principle in the doubt for the defendant. The 52-year-old can exit the dish as a free man.

In the judgment one also said that Kachelmann will be compensated for his time in the detention while awaiting trial. The treasury bears the costs of the process. The 52-year-old had looked fossilized before the announcement of the judgment, then he seemed simplified.

A long-standing lover had accused the 52-year-old, he has threatened them with a knife and has violated. Kachelmann had always denied the reproaches. The public prosecutor’s office had demanded a prison sentence of four years and three months for the television moderator. In the process statement had stood against statement.

With the judgment one of the most spectacular processes comes to an end after 44 negotiations days during the story of the federal republic. Kachelmann was on remand in March, 2010 at the Frankfurt airport been arrested and sat during 132 days. The process accompanied by big media bustle lasted during nearly nine months.

Kachelmann had protested in his examination before the committing magistrate and publicly always his innocence, had not stated in court, however., Among the rest, his defenders had pointed to contradictions in the statements of the co-plaintiff who had made misrepresentations partly in her first examinations and corrected this later. Also the legal-medical certificates allowed partly the end that to itself the woman could have her injuries self-inflicted.

However, the public prosecutor’s office had demanded a conviction Kachelmann up to the end. Public prosecutor Lars-Torben Oltrogge had granted in his pleading that one can evaluate all clues also differently. „But this is the being of a clue process – that it depends on the whole show.“ The public prosecutor’s office had announced, she wants to insert with an acquittal most probably audit.

In the end the chief judge Kachelmann defender Johann Schwenn criticised sharply. This has several times in his behaviour before the criminal division decency and respect cause lack.

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