Dish: Cheque fees with unsecured account inadmissibly

Consumer’s centre tilts remuneration rule for overdrawn accounts
Banks and savings banks may require no fees if they cannot cash cheques or debit notes because of an overdrawn account. This decided the higher regional court (HRC) Hamm how the consumer’s centre informed of North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday in Dusseldorf. In the current situation the defendant savings bank of Dortmund had required three euros “overdraft of treatment” from customers, if she could not cash their cheques, changes or debit notes.
According to HRC monetary houses carry out such an “overdraft of treatment” basically in own interest. They want to avoid with it a credit expansion of her customer after his credit standing and, therefore, must carry also the expenses for it. The savings bank of Dortmund was dragged because of the judgment first to the Federal Court of Justice (Federal Supreme Court), then at short notice, however, her audit had taken back in April, apparently to avoid a judge acknowledgement of the HRC judgment

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