Consult like a millionnaire

Is the share rate right? Is the risk too high? About 40 famous property administrators make your depot weatherproof

One work hard for her money, the others let her money work for themselves. Properly? Unfortunately, no! At least in an interest sphere, in the day money or fixed term deposits hardly brings more an inflation balance, the money works by no means by itself. If there is a reason, why the empires become richer and richer as the vernacular states, it is that that in the background an amount of clever heads works for their money. Millionnaires just receive the better investment consultancy than small investor, multimillionnaires still improves. Why? Because they not receive the standard consultation in the counter, but have the possibility to occupy one or also several independent property administrators.

Individually the magic word is called. The remarkable: The individual consultation is not especially expensive sometimes – fees between an one and one and a half percent of the administered volume are usual. Exactly these are the Krux: The greater a property is, the more intensely the property professionals work on increasing it, because the better they themselves earn. And exactly, therefore, the individual consultation is worthwhile for the property administrator only from certain depot dimensions. Customers only from 250?000, 500?000 or even one million euros of depot volume accept many­. Within the scope of the depot check they have agreed ­ to take the port folios of private investors ­ under the magnifying glass already from 30,000 euros of investment volume­. And this absolutely free of charge. Afterwards together with the readers individual strategies are compiled as the respective investment aims can be achieved under least possible risk. Also two years after the Lehman shock security and risk avoidance are the catchwords of the hour. Everybody must ask itself whether he wants to continue as before or whether it was not better to put own strategy critically on the test bench.

After the crisis is before the crisis, therefore, it can never damage to catch up a second opinion or third opinion. For the experienced property administrators who make available themselves for the action Lehman was not the first stock market debacle just. Because they and her customers were got so not coldly, the depots looked by professionals better came by the crisis. Besides, lacking know-how of the investors does not tip yet absolutely the balance: Working person often lacks simply the time to look daily after her investments. For property administrators, however, it is the main focus of the professional activity to keep a lookout constantly after optimisation possibilities for the investments of her clients.

There comes that depots of private investors often show structural weaknesses which are not visible at first sight. The dilemma already begins at the schools where finance-economic connections also fall even today completely under the table. Therefore, it is no miracle that with seminars and similar events hardly somebody pulls out the pencil if it is about the subject Complexity in the depot.

The single share tip or the loan with six percent of yield are just exciting and above all handy as highly scientific port folio theories. The result, however, are not by chance motley depots from single (necessarily bad) investment recommendations which lead in the result to lump risks and do not stand firm a putting under stress.

A lump risk not to be underestimated is, for example, the often observant concentration on the home market. Many investors thereby miss the chances which offer growth-strong threshold countries. In the association of the independent property administrators united experts concentrate upon the big whole and not on single luck clutches. Hence, with the depot check it is less about the question whether now Daimler or BMW is the more promising share. Rather the submitted depots – fee-carefully with as little as possible changes – on a foundation which has grown of the next crisis should be put. Aim is to limit losses in bad times and to earn exceptionally in good phases. This brings as a rule more than detailed single value consultation which does not remain, however, of course completely outside before.

Individual consultation also indicates just to come at the wishes and needs of every single investor. In the commission-done bank consultation this not always is in such a way. In the port folio analysis turns out that the bank distribution would be often steered about fashion subjects. „Many investment attempts thereby come to the port folio when the chances are over.

Therefore, we go forward completely the other way round and do not deal from the outset with products. We can make this first if we have concretised what the customer wants to have generally and which risk he can bear. To find out this, the property administrators are selected carefully. Besides, the spatial nearness plays in the personal dialogue also a role. Maybe one or other investor also wants to have a look where and how the property administrator works. On the other hand depot structure and risk inclination of the participants decide. Who swears on loans, must be not afraid to be to become given to a share man and vice versa and none of the property administrators has only one investment form in the eye)

Some of the dominating subjects, the property administrators currently in the conversation with her clients discuss, are inflation and deflation scenarios, the economic sphere and above all the question whether it is worthwhile yet to invest in gold. Let the property administrators work for your money. So how it the millionnaires act.

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