The mega investors – Where a lot of money is earned part 1/3

Pension funds, assurances and state funds influence the courses all around the globe with her millions. An excursion to the world of the big money.

Bill Gross understates the case with pleasure. „It was my very first official invitation to Washington in 35 years“, he described his recently occurred ­ visit in the US Ministry of Finance. Among many mighty people he had to exert himself to look not silly. Besides, politicians and investors listen all around the globe already for many years exactly if Bill Gross has to say something. His monthly ­ investment view which he publishes on the Internet ­ is read on an average by 165?000 finance professional­ s worldwide.

And thus the government had invited him also by no means to any x any dinner – she consulted as the future of the state building societies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae could look. Both state real estate financerses have guaranteed mortgages to the value of four Billlion dollar and are with 150 milliard dollars up to now of loss the biggest black fiscal gap of the US government. Why does the government hear in such an important thing on Bill Gross?

Quite simply: The 66-year-old is one that which should take over the mortgages once. As a co-founder and boss one of the biggest property administrators of the world, Pimco, answers Largely for nearly 800 milliard euros of investor’s money. If Bill ­ buys no mortgage loans­, the US government has a real problem.

Aldi investments

The consultation activity in the matter of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stands for the power of big institutional investors. They move the stock exchanges and investment markets of the world with her billions. Also in Germany. Pimco belongs since 2000 to the alliance group at which monthly contributions are deposited at 10.2 million life insurances. This money must put on the alliance life to be able to serve the claims of the savers later. Topically the inhabitants of Munich like all the other German life insurers have a problem: They have promised their customer to yields between three and four percent on life and pensions insurance policies. However, with German state loans maximum two percent are to be got currently.

Therefore, the alliance life has just announced a new adjustment. She stronger invests in real estate – ­ she has agreed on the takeover of 80 branches with the ­ Aldi south. The advantage for the alliance: With the food discount shop free from debt the failure risk tends against the zero which are sure rent payments. Other plus: The hire contracts run in the long term. All together the German branch top of the class puts on money of more than 400 milliard euros. During the coming years alliance life boss Maximilian Zimmerer nearly wants to double the real estate portion of eight milliard euros currently on 15 milliard euros.

Insurers, but also pension cashes like real estate because money runs towards them about the rents steadily. They need this to pay monthly money to pensioner and pensioners. Though shares pay in the long term higher, but the yields sway. Hence, the port folios of German insurers line up beside real estate strongly on loans.

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