Now burger King belongs to a finance investor

Burger King has a new owner: Now the number two of the meatball manufactors is firm in the hands of a finance investor. For 4.0 milliard dollars including debts the holding company slammed 3 g of partner and announced on Tuesday the end of the takeover.

Now the new head of the company Bernardo Hees wants to bring above all the people in Asia and Latin America on the whopper taste. This might become no light underpinned. Since burger King limps behind the ten times bigger competitor McDonald’s here. At last turnover and profit decreased, while McDonald’s grew without braking. Burgers King and his business partners pursue worldwide more than 12,000 quick restaurants, most of it in the homeland of the fast food, the USA. Till 2006 the enterprise was already once in the hands of finance investors, now it disappears once more from the stock exchange.

Burger King stands like only few others for “American way of life”. However, behind 3 g of partner stand several well-to-do Brazilians. The finance investor unknown far away had been involved already once in the burger branch: with Wendy’s, the number three.

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