Bookmarkwiz is a new software that build links on Social Bookmark Sites.
A perfect program, to build targeted traffic to any website, any niche.

Its full automated (with full, i mean full).

All other programs need some “handly doing” not so with this

Iam a big fan of this software, because its really easy to use, easy
to handle. You have different profils, so you can get as many
Profils and links as you want.

But the program is NOT a program, that put you money in your
pocket, no, realy no.
It helps you to get links from Social Bookmark Sites, and that
very very easy.

Bookmarkwiz didn’t costs 100 USD / month or more than
100 USD onetime payment (as many other programs).

You can import, as many Proxies as you like, they can run
automatically for each Profil, for each Link etc.

Do you remeber offers like: 200 Bookmarksites or 300 Bookmarksites – cool
offers, or? No…not really cool offers because 90% of this sites are
nothing worth, not for a link, not for any searchengine, not your money or time.

Many programs run very very slow, the most time you have to fill out this funny
captchas end so one, this programs are good, yes – but now there is a MUCH more better
program on the market – Bookmarkwiz.

The easy way is: create your profile, choose at wich Social Bookmarks you like
your link, press run – thats all.

Automatic creates your profile, automatic verification your account, automatic
put your links, automatic (if you like) fill your captchas…do you need more?
No, correct – you only to have a website and look, what target traffic you can get.

Bill Gaes once said:
The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.


Easy to use
Fast Software (you didn’t find a faster one)
REALLY automatic
Bulk import of your mail accounts
Automatic account creation and mail validation
automatic pinging
rapid indexing
automatic and unlimited proxy support
automatic captcha entry
SEO automation
Spin Titels and descriptions
Low one time payment
Instant single click updates (lifetime)
Automatic reports (profiles / sites / links)
Automatic pull titels and descriptions from your website (if you like)
Only the best and important quality Social Bookmarking Sites

And the best…test it, it cames with 60 !!!! day – money back quaranty.

Single Payment is only 97 USD

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