Namesilo Review Domain Provider

UPDATE!!!!! Feb. 2013

Today we offer you a Namesilo Review.

Namesilo is a fresh company (2009) but, and this is one of the most important think, Namesilo
is ICANN accredited. So now worry about your domains, no worry about the company and never
get questions like: Namesilo scam?

I have ~ 2000 Domains, at the moment the most part onGoDaddy. I didn’t write a GoDaddy review, because i am not so really happy with GoDaddy the last months. All work ok, no problems with the DNS etc, but GoDaddy is, without any special Domain coupon codes, including privacy, worthless and absolutly to expensive.

If you look into Namecheap, this company is in all cases cheaper in transfers, as GoDaddy is with this
renew prices.

Anyway, come back to the Review.

The site is easy to handle, not 100 other thinks, Namesilo offer ONLY domain registration, renew, transfer – no hosting, no servers…only
In my case – really perfekt. I only need from my domain provider domains and not
10. Mill offers for hosting, ecards, SSL certification etc – no, i only need Domains, nothing more.

Payment on Namesilo is standart:

  • PayPal
  • Creditcards
  • Wire

Nobody needs more.

Registration needs 2 minutes, also ok.

And now, the most important thing: the price.
Its really hard to compare the prices on the markets, because there are, for the most companies, many coupons on the available (if you search for GoDaddy coupons you get 100000 coupons, 95% are not working 😉 )
but let as compare the prices, WITHOUT any coupon:


  • new registrations com 16.98  / net 16.98 / info 8.98 prices INCLUDING privacy
  • renew com 14.97 / net 14.97 / info 10.99 prices INCLUDING privacy
  • new registrations com and net 9.98 / info 2.99, prices INCLUDING privacy
  • transfer com and net 8.98 / info 9.69, prices INCLUDING privacy
  • renew com and net 9.98 / info 9.69, prices INCLUDING privacy
  • new registrations com 8.39 / net 6.99 / info 8.69, prices INCLUDING privacy
  • transfer com 7.77 / net 6.99 / info 7.99, prices INCLUDING privacy
  • renew com 8.39 / net 6.99 / info 8.69, prices INCLUDING privacy
So you see, without any codes, Namesilo is in the most cases the cheapest provider for domains.
Only with new info domains is namecheap cheaper (but it looks like a general action from namecheap at the moment).
I have transfered 30 domains yesterday from GD to Namesilo, its fast (also bulk transfer/registers are available with better
prices and also with full automatic).After getting so good prices and infos, i transfer also the next ~150 domains, next month, to namesilo and then say
again: byebyeGD (this was a super coupon code from Namecheap, but not working longer, for Namecheap use
SWITCH2NC, its the best code since months).
Namesilo work with his coupon codes a little bit different, one code brings you 1 USD lesser fees.
So if you like to transfer/register more then 1 domain, you have to make it one by one, means that you have to complete 1 domain transfer/register, use the
code, then the next domain and the next code.
We have found some Namesilo Coupon codes for you and all work perfect:
Namesilo Coupon Code:

– cashindia
– saveadollar
– 1dollarminus
– 1dollarless

A actual and fresh code for register a .com Domain is:



With this code you get a .com domain (including full protection/whois protection etc) for 4.99 USD, hurry up, this code works only for 1.000 customers.

Transfer/Register a new domain, put the coupon code for 1 domain inside, then you get 1 USD discount, it works for each customer only one time, so if you have more domains, use different codes for each domain(s) that you will register or transfer (codes NOT work for renew a domain):

.biz Domain Registration
.biz Domain Transfer
.com Domain Registration
.com Domain Transfer
.info Domain Registration
.info Domain Transfer
.mobi Domain Registration
.mobi Domain Transfer
.net Domain Registration
.net Domain Transfer
.org Domain Registration
.org Domain Transfer

NEW Blackfriday codes for Namesilo and SAVE 2 USD:

BLACKFRIDAY2011 gets you $2 off any order all day (Midnight to Midnight Mountain Daylight Time) Friday, November 25th and CYBERMONDAY2011 gets you $2 off any order all day Monday, November 28th. Any user can use each code up to two times. Applies to any size order.



UPDATE 20 Nov. 2012

After some big problems with a Domain at Dotster (review will done within the next days), i have to update
this article.

Contacting Namesilo via Mail, answer in a really fast timeline (~ 2 hours)

Told them my problems get instand an answer and what i have to do with the unprofessional Dotster “”Provider”
(for sure, the word unprofessional is from MY site, support is always polite and correct).

After waiting till Dotster answer within several days, NameSilo start again the transfer process (self containend, i didn´t saw
that the Whois Datas are now correctly updated, because of the monthly downtime of Dotsters Whois Service).

Its correct, that sometimes with coupons, other Providers are maybe a little bit cheaper with transfer, but
the renew prices there are really fair and ok.
Don´t forget, if you have domains longer then 1 year and if you like to work with Privacy, then you have to disable
privacy when u transfer the domain and in this days, your full datas, including mail adress is visible -> good for Spambots, bad for you.


UPDATE February, 2013

After the first months for beeing really fine with NameSilo, now a (for me) BIG hit with NameSilo.

They changed there policy about using coupon codes (of course, without ANY informations to the customers).
Now its only allowed to use a number of coupons in total (for the complete account) after you reached the number
(no idea, how much allowed), you are not longer able to use any coupon codes there from affiliates (this 1 USD coupons).

Ok NameSilo, it was a nice time, what would say NameCheap now? Not ByeByeGD, no, in this case ByeByeNS.

First domains are moved out, rest of my ~30 domains will follow in the next month.

GoDaddy had this days a lot of good offers with 0.99/1.99 and 2.99 coupons, i know its only some bucks, but i have a lot of domains at GD, NC, BigRock etc – so if you have hundrets of domains, this some bucks are a lot of bucks and cost for each domain only maybe 1 minute longer to transfer, instead of renew.

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  2. internetearnings

    Hi, I agree that NameSilo is great domain provider. I’ve been using them for the past 3 months. Now moving my domain to them.

  3. Shinta

    I just try using Namesilo for my domain names.
    Everything looks wonderful and their interface is clean but brief/detailed.
    Their added security is great to safeguard domain names.
    Good jobs!
    And thank you for sharing this article.