How can i pay online

Technology and the internet have truly improved our daily lives in many ways. From education, communication,
and entertainment, billions of users are constantly connected to the internet for many different purposes.
Another advantage that the internet offers

many consumers is the ability to make online payments.
Whether you are paying for your bills or your purchases from online stores, there are many ways to
make online payments possible.

Online payments are done by transferring your funds through a secure internet connection. First of all, you will need an active bank account and create an online account through the web site of that bank. Most bank web sites usually have an interface to allow the user to set up an online payment for their bills. The necessary information like the type of bill payment and the scheduled date for payment are required in order for the transaction to be successful. You can also set your bills payment to a later time and make weekly or monthly payment schedules as well. The role of the bank is to update your account with the transactions and deductions that have been made with your bank account, whether it is a checking or savings account.

Another method of paying for bills and purchases is through online payment services like PayPal. First, you have to create and activate an account by linking a debit or credit card. After confirmation of your ownership of the linked card, you can now make online payments for your purchases such as those from online stores like eBay and This electronic process is secure enough that once you have transferred your funds to the receiver of your payment, you can easily track it on your account, and the medium through which you have made your online payment will also notify you with an email regarding a successful fund transfer.

You will see, many different, payment provider are available, here a small picture:



Do you need a new Visa Debit Card?

Online shopping and bills payment is now made easier with many service providers for online payment. One of the earliest methods for online payment is through credit card authorization. All you need to do is input your credit card number and PIN code in order for the fund transfer to be made as your payment. As the number of computer users increases, many have abused the power of the internet by engaging in fraudulent activities such as identity theft and phishing scams. These crimes which involve obtaining the personal information of a person, including credit card details and passwords, are punishable by law.

When making online payments, make sure that you do not share your password to other people. As much as possible, do not make online transactions using a public or shared computer. If for any reason it is unavoidable, make sure that you clear the cache and browsing history of the internet browser you used to avoid identity theft and phishing scams. As the owner of your debit or credit card, you are the only authorized person who should have access to its online account as well as the privilege in using it for purchase and bills payments.

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