Google raises salaries by ten percent

Google reaches for the satisfaction of his employees deeply in the pocket: All 23,000 employees of the Internet group get a salary increase of ten percent according to media reports. Google boss Eric Schmidt has announced the increase to the 1st of January in e-mail, among the rest, reported the “Wall Street Journal”.

Besides, all Google employees would get worldwide a Christmas bonus of 1000 dollars, the US-Blog reported “silicone Alley insider” which also printed the full text of the Schmidt’s mail. The salary increase can cost Google up to one milliard dollars in the year, skipped the Blog. From Google there was only one elusive comment. “While we usually take no stand on internal matters, we think that a competitive payment is importantly for the future of the enterprise”, said a speaker.

According to the reports Schmidt marked in the mail, employees questionings would have proved that for them the salary is more important than bonuses or shares. In the American Tech branch enterprises award traditionally often share options or bonuses dependent on success. Many early Google employees have become thanks to her blocks of shares millionnaires.

Also beyond salaries Google with numerous performances is valid for employee – from free snacks up to hairdresser, cleaning and fitness studio in the headquarters – as one of the most attractive employers in the USA. In the meantime, the Internet group has driven back the social performances, however, something. And many gifted software developers or managers see bigger future chances at younger enterprises – to all at the head with the world-biggest on-line network Facebook. At last, for example, the respectable software developer Lars Rasmussen who had codeveloped, among the rest, the map service Google Maps and the communication programme Google Wave responsibly was changed there.

Google boss Schmidt found clear appreciative words for his team according to the published e-mail text: “We believe, we have the best employees in the world.

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