TheBestSpinner – article spinning

TheBestSpinner is a program with very simply an article can be duplicated.
Then the new articles still have the same content, however, are unique, nevertheless.
The great in it has occurred this this without big time involved as an example 100 new articles can be created within 15 minutes.

Because the program is very simply in the use, it is also to be recommended for new beginners very much.
Not only German and English texts, but also Spanish, Italian and French texts can be edited with it and be made unique.

The design of new texts occurs by means of synonym lists which can be selected from an already available list themselves. The synonym list can also become advanced itself, while one simply adds the desired words of the list.

By means of a easy click all words of the text which can become advanced with synonyms become highlighted. Then with the tabulator key one can jump fast from one to the next word and also gets immediately the synonym list for the respective word displayed.

So many synonymous words can be added like one would want, one should pay attention only to the fact which fits the well-chosen words grammatically to the clause structure.

An other variant is to write a new clause in addition to the original clause and then to extend only a word after the other with synonyms.
Therefore are available to an one not only different word, but also whole clauses to duplicate of the text.

The treatment of the original text can occur on up to 4 levels what this duplicate of a text, in addition, accelerated and eases.

There is also the possibility to extend a word with synonyms and to add the identical synonyms by easy command to all words of the same name automatically.
In addition highlighted one just the original word including to the synonyms and clicks
„on everybody replace“.
To exclude the words of the original text which became advanced with synonyms,
not in him duplicate to texts appear, one can delete this with one single setting.
Besides, there is the opportunity for words certain synonyms which should be used then, to determine and to save as favorites.
Then these favorites list can be inserted with a click, in the text one would like to duplicate. All words for which one has saved synonyms thereby automatically become with these advanced.
The more words with in addition to belonging synonyms one in his favorite lists has saved, the faster a text becomes unique and then can be duplicated. Moreover, one can still use the favorites lists of more than 10000 other members of the BestSpinner and has thus with one single click often already a rate of 30 – 40% uniqueness for its new texts.
Exist in the original text Words, Clauses, Url’s or similar which should not be changed or be replaced with synonyms, one can save this as safe terms.
Then the terms saved there will automatically leave in the original state.
One can check permanently as unique the text is already, because this is displayed in percent in the upper right range of the program. With it a text also really incredibly is the announcement should stand at least on 70%.
If a text should be anew written only once one the opportunity to replace a word simply with another (so that in the gespinnten text by chance the original word does not stand).
In this manner one receives thus in the shortest time an absolutely new text with the same content which is unique, however, nevertheless.
A great advantage is if one wants to create, e.g., 25 texts, must not create any single text and then save sonder the program automatically the texts circumscribes and
then this saves individually in the desired folder. In this way can be created up to 250 texts at the same time.

In addition, the program TheBestSpinner also offers access to texts to the most different subjects, from the members to duplicate were released in.
Only, the links contained in the texts, may not be changed – then this is virtually the payment for the provision of the text by the author.

Besides, the program disposes of an integrated spelling program with which then in the end one more spell checker can be carried out.
If one needs for another program another vervielfaeltigungs format, this can be changed arbitrarily, therefore all opportunities are open.
The advantages of the BestSpinners are obvious, one can create a huge number of unique articles without this within the shortest time the content gets lost.

Moreover, TheBestSpinner offers 30 days of money back to guarantee, if there is really somebody who is not contented with this great program, he receives even his money again.

I already operate for over 1 year on the program and there is probably no better solution.

Freely after the motto: Content is King (and this is NO Myhtos).

It is possible with this program within short time to create new unique texts / article.

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