The private health insurance

The health insurance belongs to five elements of the social security system, consisting of pension scheme, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, nursing assurance as well as just the health insurance. Radically every citizen is automatically insured with the legal health insurance. However, under certain conditions one can choose whether one did not like to change to a private health insurance.

Money and the pills
The entry to a private health insurance is always voluntary. However, the change does not stay empty in the private health insurance to any. Who would like to make sure completely privately, this can act only if he can show a certain least income. Independent of the income one can change as a legal insured person only within the scope of a so-called complementary insurance to the private health insurance.

Basically three insurance areas are offered by the private cashes: The full assurance as an alternative to the legal health insurance, the complementary insurance as a supplement to the legal health insurance and the part assurance as a special performance for employing and civil service applicant.

Income border for the private health insurance

The people who can show a regular monthly gross income of least 3.975 euros or 47,700 euros yearly (incl. one-time-payments) can completely change in the private health insurance. It is new that the policy holder must have earned this sum during at least three years.

The decision stays empty to freelances as well as independent totally whether they want to make sure legally or privately. Official a similar advantage is offered as a rule. Many private health insurance schemes offer special rates for them. Also the students who are not family-insured with completion of the 25th year any more free of charge can apply for a special education rate with a private health insurance. Then this is valid for the time of the study. After end of the study the usual conditions on the change are valid in a private health insurance. Who does not decide within the change term on the private health insurance, automatically becomes member of the legal health insurance.

Age reserves from 2008 contagiously

From the 1/1/2008 the change terms also change between the single private health insurance schemes. Then a change is also possible without losses. Up to now the insured person loses his educated age reserves under circumstances. Nevertheless, the next year the age reserves saved with the old cash should simply be able to be taken over to the new cash. This is planned first for the first five years for insured persons who are older than 40 years. Then in 2013 the regulation should be valid for everybody. Care: With the change of the private health insurance to the legal health insurance educated age reserves get lost in general!

The way from the private health insurance to the legal health insurance is not so easy for once changed. Who earns furthermore about the income threshold, cannot return as a rule. A return is possible only if a compulsory insurance enters again. This is, for example the case when the insured person again has a salary below the income threshold. Indeed, he must prove that the income has lain at least during 1 year under the income border of monthly 3.975 euros currently.

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