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Who Controls the Food Stamp Program in the United States?

Not everyone who is living in the United States enjoys a comfortable living and can afford some of the high food costs. Providing for your family is difficult and if you have a large family, than you need more than an adequate job to support the entire family. With this being such a huge issue, … Continue reading

Pay taxes if I get food stamps?

United States of America may sound an affluent country to live in. But, like most countries across the America also face issues of poverty. There are many people in America, who don’t have the income to support their families. To deal with this, the food stamp program assisted by the federal and governed by agriculture … Continue reading

Who can get food stamps in US

Americans are no doubt experiencing the economic crisis below the belt. Due to the recession and that, many are being laid-off from their only means of income; they cannot avoid being dependent on the government’s aid and food stamps. The so-called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a food stamp program by the federal government … Continue reading