The 401k limits 2011 from IRS

The new 401k Contribution limits from 2011, announced from the IRS:

Maximum 401k Contributions: 16,500 USD

Annual contribution limits: 49,000 USD

The maximum allowable annual compensation is 245,000 USD

401k catch up contributions: 5,500 USD

There are the same values, then 2010, so there are no changes.

Also the value from 403b and the 457 plan is the same as 2010 (16,500 USD)
The SEP minimum compensation is 550 USD, the maximum allowable SEP compensation is 245,000 USD
and the simple employee deferral is 11,500 USD.

Why they are no changes? Life is expensiver?
The answer is really easy: the IRS didn’t like to increase it, because at the last years, the inflation is really low, so
there is no sense to get this values higher.

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