What Can We Say about the New Apple iPad 4?

Rumours started about the new iPad 4 right after the iPad 3 was released and the buzz was absolutely nuts because the Apple Corp has been producing some of the most innovative products to date. Apple’s product lines include the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and the new iCloud technology. It’s not that one product is better than the other because in Apple’s case every product that hits the shelves are very popular with the consumers. In this article were going to focus more on the release of the iPad 4 which was in the market on November 2, 2012.
One of the main issues with the release of the new iPad has always been the pricing model because many people feared that the price would jump up which has been the case whenever a newer model has been made available to consumers. However, Apple with this release decided to offer it to consumers for the same price of that as the previous model, the Apple iPad 3. Since the price stayed the same between both models, it does not mean that changes were not made to the actual functionality of the iPad. For example, the new model was shipped with a higher operating system, the OS 6.01. This model does comes installed with some of the very popular Apple applications like the “Siri”, “iCloud”, “Game Center”, “Mail” and many other. This will allow users to transfer information from one Apple product to another courtesy of the iCloud feature.
The main objective was to change the marketing strategy and market this iPad 4 as an e-reader. They believed that this strategy may help with shifting consumers away from the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble e-reader, however even with this strategy in place Amazon and Barnes & Noble both still offer a great application which can be used on the iPad.
Sales are typically pretty high for the first month compared to that of when the Apple iPhone 5 was released and the profit margin has increased especially with the sales of accessories to go with the iPad 4. Apple engineered a whole new set of accessories and tweaked a few older ones to increase the functionality of the unit when attached to an accessory. For example, the lighting dock which holds the iPad upright for movie viewing and even the speed of the Bluetooth accessories and connectivity has been adjusted for complete ease. It’s safe to say that Apple has taken some of the user feedback received from previous versions and applied them to this model.
The release to date has only been a month, so to find out how successful the iPad 4 is will definitely take some time. The main focus, once Apple feels they have a product suited for every consumer, is to than focus on a new set of applications which cater to the needs of their customers. Even though there are several applications available through third parties, Apple feels that they should not only be pioneers within their product line but software as well.

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