The money incomes of the stars til June 2010 Part 2/2

Yesterday we have told what the stars earn from the places 30 to 15
Today breadwinners come the top in 2010 namely from place 15 up to the top place 1

Place 14: Jerry Seinfeld
From his after in the named sitcom “being field” there are already for 12 years no new results. Year after year still he earns enormous sums. Together with other sources of money he could achieve all together income of 75 million dollars.

Place 13: Simon Cowell
„American idol “or” The X-Factor“ are the casting shows with which he became known to a wide audience. Besides, he appears as a producer. All together his income amounted to 80 million dollars what corresponds to an increase about 5 million dollars

Place 12: Dr. Phil McGraw
As in the year before the TV psychologist could increase his property on 80 million dollars. Still it went down of position from 9 to 12.

Place 11: Beyoncé Knowles
Among the rest, successful appearances as well as millions sold records brought her 87 million dollars. With it she brings it together with her partner Jay-Z on a common annual income at the rate of 150 million dollars.

Place 10: George Lucas
The ruler about the star War empire with income of 95 million dollars opens the top Ten. He seems to find almost yearly new ways to open sources of money with the franchise. In the last year’s study he booked with 170 million dollars still the 2nd place.

Place 9: Steven Spielberg
With 100 million dollars Steven Spielberg cannot hold his position 3 from the year before when he took 150 million dollars.

Place 8: Jerry Bruckheimer
The star producer could also crack in the topical period of observation again the 100 million dollar borders.

Place 7: Tiger Woods
In spite of his time out in detail documented in the worldwide media the golf-mega star with income of 105 million dollars had to accept only one decline by 5 million dollars compared with the year before. With it he is and remains of the Krösus among the sports stars.

Place 6: AC / DC
The hard rockers from Australia could take 114 million dollars.

Place 5: Michael Bay
The director could be anyway do not increase unimportant property on other 120 million dollars. He earns on the transformer franchise not only by a commission in the box-office returns, but also in the toys sales.

Place 4: Tyler Perry
The American TV size could increase with income at the rate of 125 million dollars of his monetary influx compared with the year before still times on 50 million dollars.

Place 3: U2
The long-runners under the rock bands were also the top breadwinners in the music business with income at the rate of 130 million dollars.

Place 2: James Cameron
Who has directed not only two commercially most successful films of all times, but also has written the screenplays as well as produced, a considerable property is not based unexpectedly. His Blockbuster “Avatar” ran in the period of observation, played in worldwide 2.7 billion dollars and brought him a large part of his personal income of 210 million dollars. “Avatar 2” is according to rumours already in planning.

Place 1: Oprah Winfrey
Once more on the 1st place the talcum queen of the US television is found. After 275 million dollars in the last year’s study her topical income amounted to 315 million dollars.

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