The money incomes of the stars til June 2010 Part 1/2

What earn the top stars in pastly 12 months.
It is not meant, how high the private property is separate
only what was taken till July, 2010 by advertisement, films,
Sport, appearances et cetera. Here a list with the places
Then from 30 to 15, tomorrow follow the places 15 to 1:

Place 30: Kenny Chesney
The Country star opens the ranking of the public figures with income at the rate of 50 million dollars. The period of observation encloses from the 1st of June, 2009 to the 1st of June, 2010. Besides, only the income is pulled near which was generated in the entertainment industry.

Place 29: Ryan Seacrest
With 51 million dollars the American TV personality is on the 29th place., Among the rest, to his sources of income are „American of idol“, „On air with Ryan Seacrest“, „E! News“ and “New Year’s Eve programme ABCs”. Besides, he has advertising contracts with Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola and Microsoft Bing.

Place 28: Ben Stiller
The multi-talent which appears, among the rest, as an actor, producer, director and scriptwriter could increase his property on 53 million dollars.

Place 27: Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan is still not only the name of the probably best basketball player of all times, but above all in the USA own brand. With this he could release income from 55 million euros.

Place 26: Ellen DeGeneres
The high-powered actress and chat show hostess generated from June, 2009 till June 2010 income at the rate of 55 million dollars.

Place 25: Sandra Bullock
The actress got not only to win the Oscar in the same year, but also to take still 56 million dollars.

Place 24: Madonna
The queen of pop achieved with 58 million dollars clearly lower income than still in the last year’s study when she booked with 110 million dollars of place 4.

Place 23: Rush Limbaugh
The known TV and radio-personality represents rather the ultraconservative voices America. His income with his highly popular website (5 million dollars) and his books (1.5 million dollars) as well as for his radio-show (52 million dollars) amounts to a total of 58.5 million dollars.

Place 22: Lady Gaga
Not completely from 0 to 100, but right away on place 22 it created lady Gaga with an income of 62 million dollars. Their influence on the whole fashion and music industry is unquestionable.

Place 21: Jay-Z
The treacly breadwinner in the entertainment in the house Jay-Z/Beyonce is not possibly Jay-Z, although his income amounted to 63 million dollars. His tour generated more than 1 million dollars per appearance and meanwhile he achieves a very high income by his fashion and lifestyle lines.

Place 20: Britney Spears
Again enter in the list of 30 people with the highest income in the entertainment industry Britney Spears with 64 million dollars was able.

Place 19: Floyd Mayweather
Still in the last year’s study Floyd Mayweather was not under the top 30. Now the box star with income could protect himself at the rate of 65 million dollars of 19th place. He could achieve this income with only 2 fights. There were 25 million dollars for the Comeback-Fight against Juan Manuel Marquez in September, 2009, there were even 40 million dollars for the 36-minute fight against Shane Mosley in May, 2010.

Place 18: Bruce Springsteen
The property of the musician rose during the past 12 months by other 70 million dollars

Place 17: Howard Stern
As in the last year’s study could take of the Radio-Host primarily with his chat show again 70 million dollars.

Place 16: James Patterson
The author earned about 70 million dollars; about 10 million dollars more than still in the year before.

Place 15: Johnny Depp
With income of 75 million dollars the star from the „curse of the Caribbean“ franchise so many like no other actor earns.

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