Shivering around arrangement in the US-debt quarrel goes on

The time runs away: Also four days before the menacing insolvency of the USA no arrangement is by view.
The Republicans had to adjourn on the Thursday evening (local time) a vote about a rise of the debt limit in the chamber of deputies. Reason was the internal quarrel between moderate and radicals in the opposition camp. During the lasting several weeks tugging US-president Barack Obama has also lost according to a survey in popularity.

The vote of the Republicans would have had anyway only symbolic character: Obama had already announced a veto against the law. With the plan of the Republicans it would have concerned merely a short-term solution, the debt limit would have worked out in the election year in 2012 once more must be raised. However, the president from the camp of the democrats wants to avoid such a discussion in the election year.

In spite of the persistent blockade the White House was confident that there could be at the last minute, nevertheless, one more deal. “We remain further optimistic that the congress comes to the reason that chiller heads get the upper hand and that a compromise will assert itself”, believed government spokesman Jay Carney. All Americans would suffer from a failure.

The democratic leader of faction Nancy Pelosi accused the Republicans of having brought the USA “to the edge of the economic chaos”. Still she evaluated the blown off vote as a chance to achieve a compromise: “The Republicans will hopefully return now to the negotiating table to negotiate a well-balanced arrangement which is carried by the overpowering majority of the Americans.” The “Washington Post” spoke meanwhile of a “legislative chaos”.

If there is no arrangement up to the 2nd of August, the insolvency of the USA threatens – with unpredictable results for the world economy. According to appraisal of Commerzbank economist Bernd Weidensteiner the chances stand for an arrangement before this deadline only “with 50 to 50”. “The fronts between democrat and Republicans are hardened very much”, said the USA expert on Friday of the finance news agency of dpa-AFX.

US-top bankers called on Obama and the congress to agree, finally. In drastic words they warned about the consequences, should be allowed to take up the USA no more new debts and become insolvent with it. “The results of the inaction would be serious – for our economy, for ours anyway weak job market, for the financial relations of our companies and families and for America’s economic leading role in the world”, wrote the bosses of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, the Citigroup, the bank of America and from ten other US-finance groups.

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Of a survey of the Pew institute according to Obama has strongly dropped in the favour of the voters. Only 41 percent meant in questioning, he should be re-elected in November, 2012. In May there were still 48 percent. Against it 40 percent meant, they would see it dearer if a Republican wins the presidential election. Especially often independent voters of Obama would turn away, informed the institute.

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