The mega investors – Where a lot of money is earned part 3/3

The state funds search help. For example, with the inhabitant of New York finance professor Nassim Taleb and with Nouriel Roubini. For years both economists had warned about the real estate bubble and the huge bank dependence. Now Taleb carries on negotiations with CIC. The Chinese could entrust him according to “Wall Street Journal” up to four milliard dollars. Taleb manages Universa fund which was developed especially for the security by blocks of shares. The fund should secure against extreme stock market events like the course fall after the bankruptcy of the US-investment bank of Lehman Brothers in autumn, 2008­.

State funds have different aims. Oil nations want to put on the money for future generations, for the era after the oil. Export nations like China or Japan want to diversify her excessive milliards broader, after they had hoarded long time almost excluding US-state loans. However, one have in common the by the state guided funds: They are hidden. Only if her transactions are so big that they must be announced to the stock market supervisions, information also penetrates to the public.

The big exception are the clear Norwegians. On the Internet site of the Folketrygdfondet, the state authority which ­ administers the pension fund ­ all single positions ­ are retrievable. Here all world can understand that also the biggest institutional investors cook only with water. In 2008 the fund lost 92 milliard dollars.

For it the Northern Europeans place big value of ethically flawless investments. If the investment committee decides to sell shares of a company on the basis of environmental offence or bad terms of employment, the exact reasons are also published. As well as recently in the case of two Israeli companies. The fund separated 24th of August from the shares in the building contractor ­ Africa Israel and his daughter Danya Cebus who were involved by the construction by settlements in Palestinian areas. According to appraisal of the investment committee the companies did not keep to the Geneva Convention in the occupied Palestinian areas.

Such public proscriptions are not to be underestimated in her effect, therefore because a lot of money lies behind. The Norwegians administer pension Finding 353 milliard euros in her worldwide investing Government. The investment vehicle owns with it 1 percent of the worldwide stock market property or 1.78 percent of all European share values and is consequently the biggest European ­ stockholder. Above all in proportion to the size of the country the figures are immense. The North Sea oil ­ should fill the monetary pot up to the ­ end of 2014 with more than 600 milliard euros, is the internal forecast. With 4.9 million Norwegians the 1,23,000 euros per head, from the toddler would be up to the old man.

The future of Norway is at the moment to 60 percent in shares. The fund management places here on one of the oldest rules which is valid for institutional ones as well as for private investors: Never lay all eggs in a basket. Only institutional investors need more baskets than the German average investor because of many eggs: Fund of Norway holds 7200 shares in 46 countries.

One is of it Siemens: However, the inhabitants of Munich stand since March, 2009 because of „systematic corruption“ under critical observation of the ethical committee. The opinion of the Norwegians is probably taken seriously in Munich. Since just as is valid with Bill Gross: Who moves so much money, one must listen to that.

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